high Power Laser Pointer is from the technical personnel.

Operator should wet gauze or Houmian, tablets obscured by the surgeon eye wash lines, wash lines surgery skilled in the operation must be a company training fingering! Such as eyelid board, goggles to protect the eye for surgery, the operator should have clinical experience in Ophthalmology, be sure to use these devices strictly do disinfected. Otherwise improper eye protection, etc. can cause great discomfort by the surgeon, the light cause corneal inflammation, severe cases, cause corneal loss and even blindness. Laser protective glasses can not be fully protective direct Green Laser Pointer or by the glass, mirrors, smooth metal surface reflected laser. Therefore prohibited to wear goggles to look directly at the direct laser and the reflected light. Must not look directly at the pistol head aimed at the end of the port and the reflection of the laser beam. This kind of laser pointer pen can emit the red laser beam light.

Instrument operation start with the low-energy, enough energy can be gradually sliding scale, to ask the customer the feeling of first treatment results are not satisfactory can repeat the operation. Commonly used to wash in addition to the tattoo: chemical etching method: dilute weak acid solution caused superficial skin burns, so that the pigment together with the necrotic tissue shedding. Laser Pointer method: the superficial cortex of skin tissue with a laser burning charring, in order to remove the pigment. Liquid nitrogen freezing method: liquid nitrogen freezing method of superficial skin tissue necrosis, thereby removing the tattoo organization. Skin abrasion method: by the method of mechanical grinding in addition to the superficial layer of the skin, to achieve the removal of pigment purpose. The red laser beam light transmitted by laser pointer pen is clearly visible.

The ultrasonic welding used in the manufacture of copper or aluminum to the electrical interface is also more common in the welding of composite materials. Another common solid-state welding process is explosion welding (Explosion welding), and its principle is to form a connection under high temperature and high pressure material produced in the explosion. The impact of the explosion makes the material a short period of time to show plasticity to form the solder joint, this process produces only a small amount of heat. This process is usually used to connect the welding of different materials, such as aluminum components connected to the hull or composite board. The advice and suggestion of waterproofhigh Power Laser Pointer is from the technical personnel.

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