his neighbors awaited the results of his sudden taking off with indolent watchfulness

monster headphone Chapter 1 The Mistress of Place-du-Bois
When Jr?me Lafirme died, his neighbors awaited the results of his sudden taking off with indolent watchfulness. It was a matter of unusual interest to them that a plantation of four thousand acres had been left unincumbered to the disposal of a handsome, inconsolable, childless Creole widow of thirty. A btise of some sort might safely be looked for. But time passing, the anticipated folly failed to reveal itself; and the only wonder was that Thrse Lafirme so successfully followed the methods of her departed husband.
Of course Thrse had wanted to die with her Jr?me, feeling that life without him held nothing that could reconcile her to its further endurance. For days she lived alone with her grief; shutting out the appeals that came to her from the demoralized hands, and unmindful of the disorder monster headphone that gathered about her. Till Uncle Hiram came one day with a respectful tender of sympathy, offered in the guise of a reckless misquoting of Scripture-and with a grievance.
Mistuss, he said, I lowed twar best to come to de house an tell you; fur Massa he alluz did say Hiurm, I counts on you to keep a eye open endurin my appersunce; you ricollic, marm? addressing an expanse of black bordered cambric that veiled the features of his mistress. Things is a goin wrong; dat dey is. I dont wants to name no names doubt Ise bleeged to; but dey done start a kiarrin de cotton seed off de place, and dats how.
If Hirams information had confined itself to the bare statement of things goin wrong, such intimation, of its nature vague and susceptible of uncertain interpretation, might have failed cheap beats by dre to rouse Thrse from her lethargy of grief. But that wrong doing presented as a tangible abuse and defiance of authority, served to move her to action. She felt at once the weight and sacredness of a trust, whose acceptance brought consolation and awakened unsuspected powers of doing.
In spite of Uncle Hirams parting prediction de cotton ll be a goin naxt no more seed was hauled under cover of darkness from Place-du-Bois.

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