How about the Auxiliary Parts of Cement Mill?

The cement mill is widelyused in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizer, black and non-ferrousmetal and glass ceramics. The cement mill is available in both wet process grinding and dry process grindingof all kinds of ores and other materials. So the role of China cement mill will be more and more important in the world. But do you know the other auxiliary parts of cement mill?

Lining board of cement mill:

Lining board to protect the cylinder to avoid shock and friction damage to the cylinder for a long time, also can adjust the motion state of the grinding material inside. Check the main check whether liner wear, plate bolt looseness, avoid liner wear is too big, cause the production of the material movement state changes to reduce, reduce the barrel life.

Every storehouse board of cement mill:

Warehouse webmaster if segmentation grinding medium, isolation to prevent axial movement, of medium to prevent too large particles into the next, reasonable grinding materials, and also can control the material filling degree, material flow, material inside the mill grinding speed.Every storehouse board main center circle, guide cone, grate plate, feed plate, plate, storehouse board insulation bracket, blind flange, etc.Main examination at the time of inspection, every storehouse board all bolts are loose, fall off, all the grate plate are in good condition, grate seam blockage, whether the grate plate and the blind flange wear is too large, storehouse board insulation bracket if there is a crack, whether affect the grate plate, is there a string ball phenomenon.

Feeding device of cement mill by grinding material smoothly into the inside. Generally have slipped tube feeding device, spiral feeding device and a spoon feeding device. Chute chute feeding device for the Angle of repose Angle must be greater than the material, to ensure that the material flow in order to ensure that the hollow shaft are not material flush.Between the taper sleeve and the hollow shaft in concrete. Spiral feeding device forced feeding, feeding capacity is larger, but easy to wear, suitable for grinding machine.

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