How Can I Lower My Blood Pressure Naturally Without Using Prescription Medicines?

By taking proper diet, performing regular exercise and using herbs you can lower your BP naturally without prescription medicines. Blood pressure rises due to imbalance between heart functions and circulatory system, due to genetic reasons, bad habits, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, obesity and psychological problems. Controlled diet which includes food items containing useful minerals and nutrients and missing harmful food items helps in preventing high blood pressure, regular exercises keep blood flow smooth, heart healthy and weight under control, both these activities together prevent blood pressure from crossing dangerous limits.

But to bring down blood pressure within healthy limits the causes of the problem need to be treated and herbs work as medicines to do this job. Intake of effective herbs in right doses cure the issues causing hypertension, repair damages caused to the organs by the problem and enhance body’s mechanism so that it can prevent hypertension in future on its own. If you can eat healthy diet, perform exercises regularly and consume all the necessary herbs in right doses, you can lower your BP naturally without prescription medicines.

You should eat food items which are low on fat, sugar and sodium. For this, avoid salty, spicy, baked, preserved, sugary, fatty and refined foods and food products. Your diet should comprise of high fiber, low fat, high potassium, calcium and magnesium food items. Eat garlic, tomatoes, banana, saffron, spinach and drink coconut water in larger quantities to lower your blood pressure naturally without prescription medicines. Fruits and fruit juices, green vegetables, almonds, walnuts and low fat dairy products are very good for keeping hypertension under control. Perform exercises like walking, jogging, swimming on regular basis to stay fit and perform Yoga and meditation to stay mentally relaxed and calm.

To cure the causes of the problem and reversing its ill-effects use herbs, if you want to avoid hassle of finding, working out dosage and storing these herbs use Stresx capsules. These capsules will supply dose of all the necessary herbs required to keep high BP under control in right doses and perfect combination. The benefits of Stresx capsules will be immense and even if you miss your diet plan or exercise schedule these capsules will keep the problem at bay. By using Stresx capsules with diet and exercises you can lower your BP naturally without prescription medicines and stay healthy and fit always.

Stresx capsules contain all the herbs hence treat every aspect of the problem and provide protection from it in the future. These capsules strengthen heart, energize heart muscles, regularize heart beats and prevent rapid heart rate. These capsules remove blockages in the arteries by removing plaque deposition, clot formation and cholesterol deposition. Stresx capsules maintain healthy lipid profile, increase level of HDL in the body, prevent platelet aggregation, promote thinning of blood and maintain healthy triglyceride levels. All of these benefits bring down blood pressure in healthy limits and prevent it from going up in future.

These capsules maintain healthy kidney functions, elevate energy levels of the body and suppress stress, anxiety and depression effectively. These benefits provide protection from hypertension and protect health of a person. By using Stresx capsules with diet and exercises you can lower your blood pressure naturally without prescription medicines safely without any side effects.

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