How Can You Have Sex With A Small Erection?

If you feel embarrassed or less confident to have sex with a small erection, you are not well informed. Most of the males who feel that they have small erection actually do not know that there are less than 3 percent of men who gain erection longer than 7 inches. So a large number of males measure less than 7 inches. Secondly women have highly sensitive nerves in the first three inches of their vagina and thirdly, but most importantly, it is the width of male organ that causes friction on the walls of vagina and provide sensation not its length. So if you feel that you are not blessed with a large or massive erection do not feel disheartened or embarrassed, you can satisfy a woman and make her desire you more in bed by performing with confidence and correct technique.

The first condition to have sex with small erection is to forget about the size, just focus on what you can do to arouse your woman before penetration. Do not curtail duration of foreplay for anything, intense and quality foreplay worth a million when it comes to bringing a woman to a thunderous climax. Just get involved completely in the act and make her blood rush in the veins; arouse her to the limit where she plead for penetration. If you will penetrate her in this fashion super-activated nerves of her vagina will send intense waves of pleasure all over her body and in no time you will bring her to a shuddering orgasm.

To have sex with a small erection there are few tips which you can employ for penetration. In whatever position you may penetrate her just try to keep her thighs as close as possible. By keeping her thighs close you will brush walls of her vagina harder during lovemaking which will provide her much higher sensation and pleasure. Instead of getting distracted by thoughts like whether she likes your size or not etc focus on staying inside her as long as possible. Males with massive erections but for lesser duration are worthless and can only cause pain to a woman, pain is certainly not sexy. So to have wonderful sex with small erection focus on staying with her for longer duration with whatever size you have got instead of worrying about size.

Another tip to have great sex with smaller erection is keep doing things after penetration which heighten her excitement and give her more sensation. Nibbling her nipples with your lips or fingers, teasing her clitoris, kneading her hips and even grabbing her hairs so that it does not hurt, are few things which will bring her to an ecstatic orgasm. To have sex with smaller erection make movements which bring head of your sexual organ up to her vaginal opening and then thrust it back inside her. Head of male organ has maximum girth and when you will brush first three inches of her vaginal walls more with the male organ head she will get immense pleasure and heavenly sensation. Forget about the size and focus on what you have, sex is all about giving what you have got not prying for what you do not have.

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