How Does Aging Impact Sexuality In Elderly Men And Women?

Aging impact sexuality negatively, aging brings weakness, lethargy, lesser energy, lesser sensation and of course changed priorities. All of these factors push sex down low on the list of things you like to do. Since long time people have been debating this issue that whether a person should allow aging to take its effects on sexuality or one shall counter these effects. The best statement which has come out of this debate so far is that it depends on the person and collective thinking of couple to fight back negative impacts of aging or to just give in and row with the flow. Medically it is said, without any contradicting theories, that couples leading an active sexual life stay healthy and also happy. So for those couples or persons who want to fight back aging and counter its negative effects on their sexuality understanding that how aging impacts sexuality can be very helpful.

Aging brings physiological and psychological changes in men and women. Hormonal changes, weak cardio, digestive and circulatory system are majorly responsible for these changes. Women face vaginal dryness, lack of energy and lack of estrogen secretion in body which reduce their desire for sex, in men too these changes reduce their desire as well as performance to make them disenchanted towards sex. Lack of support from body and mind, and lesser fun and pleasure from the activity completely take away their focus from sex. Not even disenchantment, elderly couples even start disliking lovemaking activities as they begin to think that they are neither fit nor deserving for this. Most of elderly couples feel that they should be focusing on their children and grand-children rather than enjoying themselves. These changes brought in by aging impact sexuality negatively in a person as well as in couples.

Other changes which affect sexuality are disorders, unhealthy lifestyle, poor care and lack of communication. Elderly people who have undergone surgery or treatment in past may not treat themselves as fit, attractive or charming any more. Diseases, disorders or past treatment might have made them weak due to which they give up bedtime activities completely. Aging impacts sexuality negatively by pushing people to devote lesser time and energy in taking care of themselves. Men and women both have been found to become ignorant and careless about their overall health and looks as they feel that these things are matter of past and they do not need them anymore. Improper care promoted by aging impacts sexuality negatively in large number of people and couples.

Impact of aging on sexuality is inevitable but giving in to these changes is certainly not good. It has been noted that staying sexually active is not only good for physical health but also for mental and emotional health. Better communication and relationship with spouse is greatest support a person can get in old age. It is not necessary to gain pleasure in bed in the same way as couples do in young age, there many different ways which are gratifying and also manageable with growing age, trying these ways is sensational and refreshing. Aging impact sexuality negatively but countering these impacts is more fun than surrendering.

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