How Many Kinds of Conveyor Belt at Domestic Market

Belt conveyor, the name of the machine, which are widely used in conveying bulk density is less than 1.67 ton/cubic meters, conveyor belt is easy to take out the powder, granular, small block of low grinding cut materials, or packaged materials, its captain and assembly form according to customers” requirement, transmission electric drum are available, and can also be used with drive of drive device. but do u know how many kinds of main conveyor belt at domestic market?

Belt conveyor is the ideal, highly efficient and continuous conveying equipment in coal mines. Compared with other transportation machines such as haulage motor, belt conveyor has the advantages of long conveyance distance, big conveyance amount and continuous conveyance. In addition, it has stable operation and is easy to realize automatic and centralized control. Especially as for high yield and high efficiency mines, conveyor belt has become the key equipment of electromechanical technology and equipment in coal mining. The main features of conveyor belt are that the body can conveniently stretch; there is belt storage cabin; the tail can extend or shorten with the advancement of the coal mining surface; no foundation is needed, and the belt can be directly set up on the baseboard of the roadway; and the rack is light and handy and convenient to be dismantled. When the conveyance ability is strong and conveyance distance is long, center drive device can be equipped to satisfy the requirement.

Classification of belt conveyor: Common belt conveyor can be divided into: common canvas core conveyor belt, steel rope core high strength belt conveyor, under the full explosion-proof type conveyor belt, flame retardant belt conveyor, double speed double belt conveyor, reversible portable conveyor belt , hardy belt conveyor and so on.

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