How the HP LTO 3 tape, part number C7973A, can help save your business data

Every business would want to protect itself against threats, external or internal. Nowadays, with hackers and the possibility of viruses affecting software and computers, it has become even more important for businesses to take measures to minimize the risk caused by such threats. This is because their systems have important data and information stored in them. These could be related to the tax returns of businesses, the future plans of the business to grow and the expenditure of the business.

Those businesses that carry out research and development may have stored data on their systems related to tests and experiments that have not yet been carried out or experiments that have been carried out but aren’t to be released till the right time. All such businesses would like to safeguard themselves from the possibility of losing such data, permanently, to viruses, hackers and other such threats.

Other businesses may want to preserve data so that they can progress and improve their efficiency and management, so that they can compete in a world where so many businesses and companies seek to cut down their competition by spending a colossal amount of funds just so they can get an edge over their competition. There is, however, a cheaper way to compete in the world of today and for a business to protect itself- that is to opt for Linear Tape Open technology. The LTO can help a business protect its valuable data in a cheaper and more effective way. The LTO is known as the trendsetter in backup technology that introduced media interoperability. It can be used by businesses to make a duplicate copy of the information and data stored on the systems.

The HP LTO ultrium 3 is one such tape storage solution that could help a business save itself from external and internal threats. The HP LTO 3 tape drive comes with an amazing data transfer speed of 60MB per second, WORM capability and a native storage capacity of 400GB. Think of the tape drive as a DVD-ROM and of the tape as a DVD disk. The drive is where the tape is inserted into, and with the added storage capacity of the HP LTO 3 tape drive there are additional advantages.

The HP LTO 3 cartridge, part number C7973A, also has a large storage capacity (400GB for native data and 800GB for compressed data). The backward compatibility of the tape allows it to read and tape data from older versions of the LTO. In addition to this, the tape has an archival life of 30 years and most of the advantages of the previous models have been doubled in the HP LTO 3 tape devices.

Their low operating cost and wider availability make it more superior to competing tape-based solutions. Most compelling feature is the unique multi vendor compatibility that extends the customers’ investment and also reduces complexity in heterogeneous LTO ultrium environment. Companies feel confident that they have invested in the best solution when they purchase HP-branded backup products.

LTO 2 tape cartridges are very robust, reliable and cost efficient. High performance VXA tapes, SDLT tapes, LTO tapes, DDS tapes, AIT tapes, RDX cartridges and HP C7973A, LTO3 cartridges are available at, at low price. Mark Paul Online Digital Solutions LLC, 39 Southend Road, East Ham London E62AL Tel: 0203 005 9500 Email:

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