how this boy canada goose jackets can such strong marksmanship

Competitive power, and competitive imposing  snow goose coats  manner, just stand let myself standing stood steadily. Khoyama f eyebrows began to knit up in front, the young man, not easy!
Since Korea general did not begin, then I first! Zhaoyun hands XuanXi holy gun a horizontal, carries WanJun power HanYongBen toward the past.
Pear flower liuhe, the thing scale! A sound drink like a fish, zhaoyun has come near unto him khoyama f.
Hand, fast, slow, slow, fast!
Feet, station such as pine, fixed heaven and earth!
Eye, disease such as electric, quick malicious quasi!
Pear flower liuhe marksmanship, outside triplet hands red canada goose vest and feet eye have become, content scale!
This gun carries WanJun breath strength, across place produce sharp break the sound, a gun is out, unmatched!!!!!!
What! Khoyama f this time just the reaction come over, so strong attack! Khoyama f flurried fly back, but XuanXi has to, direct stab to the hands of khoyama f, and fast and fierce disease stab of gun, hide no hide, only hard file.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
HanYongFei cast, a face of incredible, how this boy canada goose jackets can such strong marksmanship, but he still warrior high order, if the general this a level, it is estimated that the horrors of silver gun to Pierce his mountain axe and through his body.hm520pp20121102

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