How To Control Male Masturbation Urge Fast And Naturally?

It has been know from long time that there is no considerable ill effect of masturbation. But recent researches have indicated many types of ill effects of it and hence it is needed to be controlled to a limit. The ill effects include:

a) Baldness
b) Shrinkage of male genital organ
c) Impotency
d) Premature ejaculation
e) Weakness, etc.

It is recommended by doctors that rate of masturbation more than two to three times a week is excessive and is needed to be controlled by taking some serious actions. The first step for its control is to stop its urge and that too with some natural and fast methods. Most of the men do it since their puberty time and it is very difficult for them to stop it completely as it is something related to their sexual as well as mental pleasure. But cutting this activity to two to three times a week is not at all an impossible task.

Firstly we need to understand the factor behind the rising of this kind of urge. The major factor behind this urge is hormonal imbalance and this can be controlled by the usage of several herbal remedies available in the market:

1. Shilajit: It is a herbal drug product composed with the combination of some exotic herbs, minerals and metals. Its raw form is collected from the rocks of Himalayas which is then purified and processed for consumption. It has the property of increasing the lost levels of hormones and also eliminating the excess levels of it. The dosage of Shilajit should be taken for three to four months regularly for good effects. As the hormonal levels are controlled by it, the frequency of masturbation will decrease considerably and effects can be seen soon.

2. NF Cure: It is a herbal product which comes in form of capsules. As it is formed of some right combination of herbs, it has a good impact is controlling the hormonal imbalance by increasing the level of decreased hormones and eliminating the levels of increased hormones. Safed musli, kavachbeej, ashwagandha, kesar and jaiphal are among the key ingredients added in the capsules of NF Cure. It also increases the motor functions of brain and re-energises the body.

When both Shilajit and NF cure are taken in combination they show fast action and due to their herbal composition, there are no side effects at all.

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