How To Cure External Hemorrhoid At Home Safely And Naturally?

External hemorrhoids are also referred as non-bleeding piles, but these are painful and cause lots of discomfort during and after bowel movement, to cure external hemorrhoids at home natural remedies are perfect, safe and very effective methods. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins present in the tissues of anal passage; these tissues are present in anal passage to facilitate movement of feces out of anal opening. Due to various reasons these veins get irritated and swollen to cause discomfort, pain and bleeding, these swollen and painful veins are referred as hemorrhoids.

When hemorrhoids are located in the deeper parts of anal passage then these do not cause any pain but do bleed, hemorrhoids in outer part of anal lining close to anal opening are painful and usually do not bleed unless they get swollen too much. External hemorrhoids appear as lumps outside anal opening which can be painful during or after bowel movement and even while sitting or walking. If external hemorrhoids get bigger in size surgery is the last measure to get relief. To cure external hemorrhoids at home natural remedies have been found very effective and can provide relief without surgical intervention.

Internal or external hemorrhoids are caused by too much pressure on the veins of rectal or pelvic area. People suffering with chronic constipation put too much pressure on the walls of anal passage to pass out fecal matter which over a period of time causes swollen veins. Pregnant women and people suffering with frequent diarrhea also develop internal or external hemorrhoids. Obesity, age, long sitting hours, lack of physical activity and restricted blood flow towards pelvic region are other causes of hemorrhoids. Eating habits like too much spicy, greasy and hard to digest food can also raise the problem of irritated hemorrhoids. People involved in strenuous activities like jobs which involve lifting heavy objects or having family history of hemorrhoids also suffer with this problem. Natural remedies can address all these causes of the problem and can be used conveniently by any person to cure internal or external hemorrhoids at home.

Pilesgon capsule is non-prescription remedy to cure hemorrhoids at home without any problem. These capsules come loaded with herbs which possess different beneficial properties to alleviate the problem completely. These capsules do not contain any artificial or synthetic material hence these are safe and suitable for person of any age and gender. These capsules improve elasticity of the walls of anal canal by toning vascular musculature and repairing damaged tissues of the walls.

These capsules reduce swelling in veins and also stop bleeding and burning. The herbal ingredients of Pilesgon capsules improve digestive system and cure constipation, these capsules help in producing soft stools which are easy to pass out and do not cast any pressure on walls of anal canal during movement. Pilesgon capsules relieve itching, pain and burning sensation and improve vascular circulation to not only cure external hemorrhoids conveniently at home but also prevent them from resurfacing in future. Use of Pilesgon capsules is completely safe and by supplementing it with health diet and lifestyle one can cure external hemorrhoids at home forever without undergoing any surgical treatment.

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