How to Design Double Roll Crusher Roll agency?

Roll organizations are the main working part of the double tooth stick crusher. It is composed of a pair of toothed rollers, the two horizontal rollers mounted on the frame, the front roller (drive roller) and the rear roller (driven roller) opposed to the rotation, the material from the feed port into the landed on Roll , after the roll bite and broken teeth. And Roll design is a more important issue. This article describes how to Roll design. Ball mills for sale south Africa

Roll type. Roll structure usually has two types: one is a useful set of high-manganese steel (ZG Mn13 cast iron ring in the core, the ends bolted reliable this type of structure, but maintenance is not convenient; another. species are cast from high-manganese steel arched tooth plate, mounted on a cast iron hub polygonal cross-section. manufacturing convenient, easy to replace worn, although good wear resistance, but bending performance is poor, a higher failure rate. Therefore, the design can be combined with the advantages of both, namely Roll cancel bolt connection, change the structure of the tooth plate and spoke board. iron ore mining equipment

The structure of the tooth. Type roller teeth following categories: olecranon type, standard grab-type, blade type and rectangular belt. When using the olecranon most crushing style, broken when the olecranon type and can be used javelin style, rectangular belt is mainly used in the four teeth roll crusher in the second paragraph. Currently, domestic Single Roll and Double Roll Crusher crushing teeth to use more olecranon style. Beak-shaped teeth of high-generally 60 ~ 80 m.

Roll tooth arrangement method. Tooth arrangement method: fixed roller and the movable roller on the teeth are arranged uniformly in the circumferential direction 18, the fixing roller and the movable roller staggered teeth on a gear position, the fixed roller and the movable roller to ensure the operation of the interference is not generated, so and to maintain a more uniform gaps between teeth, so crushed product size uniform, but also to ensure that double roll crusher is working properly, reduce maintenance workload significantly improve production efficiency crusher.

Features and advantages of pebbles Sand

Pebbles Sand development is the last word , we as industry professionals in the manufacture and sale of pebble crusher manufacturers strive to provide users with the most economical and practical products. Since pebbles Sand has developed a new , intentional possession in the country and abroad market share .

Small Scale Gold Mining Equipment

Sand pebbles of various types of reference works crusher , based on user feedback specific use , combined with the advantage of whichever dross components. The current system is mainly used for artificial sand wit industries, rod mill pebble crusher, impact crusher pebbles , pebbles Sand straight-through alternative . Sand with pebbles : a small particle size , particle type uniform , large capacity , long life hammer (4 million tons ) , matching power smaller, three broken for secondary crushing , process simplification , simple structure, easy maintenance, smooth running and all high security . Sand pebbles the size of the investment is less than the same traditional technique and equipment 35% -50 % higher than the same scale output efficiency of traditional technique and equipment 35 % -50 %. Long-running maintenance costs lower than the same size of the traditional technique and equipment 35 % -50 % , widely used in sand production line , cement, refractory, metallurgical and other industries.

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