How To Do Kegel Exercises In Right Way To Gain Maximum Benefits?

To do Kegel exercises first you have to identify correct muscles and gain control over them. Kegel exercises are intended to strengthen Pubococcygeus muscles of pelvic floor. These days Pubococcygeus muscles are colloquially called as Kegel muscles. Kegel muscles form a part of pelvic floor and strength in these muscles help the body to stop passing out of urine or stools involuntarily. These muscles can get weak due to many reasons and though it may sound strange most of the people do not know how to use them. These muscles are not in regular use voluntarily by human beings that is why brain looses control over these muscles and it appears as if these do not exist. But every human being has these muscles in his or her pelvic floor.

To identify Kegel muscles there is very simple process, try and stop or slow down urine in midstream. Muscles which you use to do so are Kegel muscles. One has to memorize and get used to of these muscles quickly because trying stopping urine frequently is harmful for health and will also weaken these muscles further. Once you have gained control over your Kegel muscles and brain can order them follow a step by step procedure. Lie down straight on the bed on your back and contract these muscles imagining that you are stopping your urine flow. Hold these muscles in this position for 5 seconds.

Later release them but squeeze them again after 5 seconds. Repeat this at least three times. Three to four repetitions of 5 second contraction and 5 second relaxation forms one session. Perform at least three sessions in a day for first 10 days. Later increase duration for contraction and relaxation of muscles to 10 seconds, increase number of sessions from three to 5 minimum. Within short duration you will notice positive results however some people may get results later depending upon condition of muscles and their mind control. Do not put strain on your buttocks, thighs or stomach while doing these exercises.

Kegel exercises are recommended to women in early stages of pregnancy to avoid problems of urine incontinence at later stages of pregnancy and after child birth. Healthy and strong Kegel muscles provide better bladder control in women and also prevent vaginal prolapse and uterine prolapse. These exercises are also very useful for curing prostatic pain in men and women both due to benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostatitis. Women can also heighten their sexual pleasure by contracting these muscles during sex for higher sensation and firmer grip of vaginal walls over male organ. Over weight people have poor blood flow and their muscles can get weaker quickly, since Kegel muscles are not voluntarily used frequently hence these get weaker even quicker.

Overweight people by performing these exercises can prevent urine incontinence effectively. Males can alleviate various sexual problems through these exercises. Kegel exercises are very useful in gaining and maintaining strong erections, contraction in these muscles hold the blood in male reproductive organ and prolong duration of erection. Males suffering with problem of quick or early discharge during sex also benefit immensely by doing Kegel exercises. By contracting these muscles males can prevent their ejaculation by stopping flow of semen out of penile shaft. This allows them to do sex for longer duration.

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