How to Ensure the Tube Body Thickness of Rotary Kiln?

A rotary kiln is a device that supplies tremendous amounts of heat in order to change the chemical composition of an object. It is made up of a strong reinforced steel outer shell that is coated with a heat-resistant inner lining, support rollers and a drive gear to keep the contents in a continuous rotating motion and internal heat exchangers capable of producing temperatures well over 2732 degrees Fahrenheit (1500 degrees Celsius).

Rotary calciner kiln can process the non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy, such as iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, tin, nickel, tungsten, chromium, etc, it can sinter and roast the ore, ore concentrate, intermediate. Raw materials, with the kiln wall, rises up as a whole under the action of friction, when transferred to a certain height, i.e. the angle between raw material layer surface and the horizontal plane is equal to the Angle of the accumulation of raw materials, raw materials will slip along the bed of materials by gravity.

The tube body wall thickness will directly affect the ceramsite rotary kiln materials of heat transfer, this is one of the influence factors for normal material calcined. So wo should confirm the thickness of the tube body wall thickness to ensure that the material to calcine normally in the horizontal kiln. We can think about it from the following sides:

1. The tube body wall of ceramsite sand kiln contacts with the chemistry material directly, so we do not adopt the common materials and choose the heat resistant and stainless steel.

2. The different parts of the cylinder of rotary calcining kiln cylinder has different degree wear, so we should think about the length life and change the parts in time in production.

3. The cylinder of rotating drying kiln uses the thickness of the steel that should keep consistent with the different parts of the service life and the material.

4. The diameter of tube body wall should keep in a reasonable range with the diameter of the cylinder of the rotary calciner kiln.

calcining kiln:

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