How to explain the correct operation of the crushing machine

Crusher crushing machine , also known as counter- effective , third -generation Sand , is an energy efficient gravel sand making equipment , sand making energy-efficient than the traditional 50% of the world’s advanced equipment currently crushing machine , then the Crusher how to properly operate it ? Here to tell you about the steps crushing machine operation. zirconium silicate mining equipment price

First, the crushing machine and power unit should be securely installed. If long-term fixed crushing machine operations, it should be fixed on the basis of cement ; If crushing machine is the mobile operations , the unit should be installed in the machine base is made with angle iron , and ensure pulley power machine ( diesel or electric motor ) and crushing machines slot in the same plane of rotation . Second, the crushing machine after installation to check ministries fastening fasteners , if loose should be tightened. At the same time you want to check the belt tension is appropriate.

Third, before crushing machine starting, turn the rotor by hand , check the teeth claws, hammer and rotor operation is flexible and reliable, whether the collision phenomenon shell , the direction of rotation of the rotor is consistent with the direction of the arrow on the machine , power machine and crushing machine lubrication is good. Fourth, it should not replace the pulley , so speed is too high to prevent the crushing chamber to produce an explosion , or the speed is too low affect the efficiency crushing machine . 400 tph cement crushing plant in india Fifth, the crushing machine should be idle after starting 2 ~ 3min, no anomalies before feeding work . Sixth, the work should always pay attention to the functioning of the crushing machine , feeding should be uniform to avoid blocking stuffy car, do not overload work long hours. If there is vibration, noise , bearing the body temperature is too high , the outside spray material phenomena, should immediately stop inspection, troubleshooting can continue to work .

How jaw crusher demolition

Jaw crusher is the most frequent repair project to replace the thrust plate . For confidential broken connecting rod is the overall thrust plate removed , you must tighten the baffle bolt , cut off the dry oil lubricating oil pipe , the thrust plate hanging on the crane lifting hook or other lifting devices , then before release Tie one end of the horizontal spring , fixed jaw to jaw pulled down direction , remove the thrust plate . If you want to remove the thrust plate , so should link with the front thrust plate and moving jaw pull together , remove the thrust plate . small aggregates crushing machine for sale

After removing the thrust plate , cut the tubing and dilute oil cooling pipes , in the following live link support bracket , then remove the rod cap in order to hang out link . Spindle crusher should be removed together with the pulley and flywheel. The motor (with belt ) as much as possible closer to the crusher along the rails , remove the V-belt . Then use a crane to lift shaft . To disassemble movable jaw , you must first cut dry oil lubricating pipe , remove the rod, remove the bearing cap , and then use a crane or other lifting equipment to move the jaw out.

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