How to improve the screening efficiency Sand

Currently inertial shaker common are single, double, pedestal and hanging points. Different shaker function is different, today we have to analyze in detail . Block by the sieve shaker boxes, vibrators, plate spring set and drive motors and other components. Screen fixed on the screen box , screen box mounted on a spring set two oval plate , the plate spring set a fixed base and an inclination of 15 degrees to 25 basis degrees . Screen box in which the department is relying on fixed uniaxial inertial vibrator vibrates . Rolling two vibrators fixed screen box middle. With emphasis on the two ends of the vibrator shaft of the wheel to adjust the wheel weight emphasis on different positions , the inertial force can be different , to adjust the amplitude of the sieve . Motor is mounted in a fixed plane seat , triangular pulley driven by rotation of the spindle , thus making the sieve vibration . ball mill grinding technology The central trajectory is circular sieve .

Therefore, both ends of the spring is an elliptical trajectory sieve , oval track direction at a feed near the forward end , the forward speed of the material to promote increased ; depending on the requirements of the production efficiency and screening sieve may be installed different slopes ( 15 degrees to 20 degrees ) in the direction of the oval track towards the discharge end near to the material forward speed slows , help to improve screening efficiency .

How to properly install Impact Sand

Determine the impact crusher installation location. Not enough space problem. Manufacturers have plans to cement mill system transformation, but the pre- installed but can not determine the location of the broken . Start the inlet of design to enhance the position in the library , but the larger the apparatus body , the space is not enough , keep still ; another aspect, the device can not be lower in the end portion , due to the small holes left .manufactured sand production line

Resonance problems and other buildings. Some people go through field observations calculation to find several drawings to determine a good location. However, the impact crusher equipment dynamic load is relatively large , it is very difficult for device -based treatment , he must prevent resonance and buildings , causing damage to buildings , accidents. Approach is to take measures to reinforce and adhesions , making the foundation suffered by the beam power transmission pole , so that a variety of performance and installation requirements to meet the requirements after crushing .

Impact crusher installation considerations

Impact crusher dynamic load is relatively large, high- speed motors and equipment , so in the civil construction , the direct use of anchor bolts, the anchor bolts in the concrete beam welding all so much stronger than embedded parts, also very stable. This crusher installation is also very simple, as long as the good will of each machine pads and rotor leveling , after tightening fasteners good , you can make a trial run it.ball mill grinding technology

Special attention is needed when the rotor is mounted directly percussion hammer rotor must not be used . Machine feet and rotor have got to find a level to prevent the effects of mechanical and electrical equipment life and normal functioning . We only noticed in daily use more of these questions , in order to ensure the smooth progress of work , improve work efficiency . Our company as a professional mining crushing production companies, and constantly develop the latest technology and equipment , the products include vibrating screen, sand dryers and other equipment , welcome to contact us.

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