How To Increase The Size Of Your Erection Naturally And Safely?

You can see advertisements of many creams, gels and tablets all around you on TV, newspaper, banners etc claiming to increase size of your erection overnight and without causing any harm to health. These products are neither reliable nor harmless, these products claim that they contain herbal ingredients, which is far from truth and not only rob your hard earned money but also cast irreversible harmful effects. To increase size of your erection exercises are best and safest methods which provide desired results in a short time and also improve your performance in bed without causing any harm to overall health. By performing exercises in place of using hyped products you not only add few inches in length and girth of your male organ but also improve your endurance and potency by many times.

To increase size of your erection through exercise, learn to control your Kegel muscles first. These muscles are located in pelvic floor and you use them involuntarily. But to use them voluntarily you need to strengthen them and gain control over their activities. To identify these muscles try and stop urine flow in midstream, the muscles which you use to stop urine stream are Kegel muscles. Everyday lie down on your back and contract these muscles for 5 seconds, later release them for 5 seconds and contract again. Repeat this at least 5 times in one session and perform at least three to four sessions everyday. After a week your Kegel muscles will get stronger and you will gain better control over their contraction and relaxation. This step is important before you perform exercise intended to increase size of your erection properly.

To perform exercise choose a secluded place where no one can disturb you or see you, if you are not completely focused you can harm delicate muscles and tissues of male organ. Use thick oil which is slippery and provide sufficient smoothness. Sit in a comfortable position and with semi erect male organ, apply lots of oil to it and form a ring with your index finger and thumb just like OK sign. Form this ring at the base of penile shaft and slide it upwards towards the tip of male organ applying gentle pressure on the shaft, make sure that your pressure is just enough to guide flow of blood towards male organ head, neither apply more nor less. Stop the movement once you have reached base of male organ head. Moment your one hand reaches base of male organ head start similar movement with another hand.

Perform these movements at least 10 times with each hand, if you gain complete erection and want to ejaculate do not stop yourself but complete number of movements every time. After three weeks perform this exercise in a standing position, now if you get excited and want to ejaculate prevent it by contracting your Kegel muscles. This activity will train you to stop your ejaculation during sex and make love for longer duration. Within few weeks you will gain few inches in your erection size and also higher endurance level to make gratifying sex. This exercise is best to increase size of your erection and also pushes your reproductive organs to produce semen in large volume to improve your potency.

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