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It is important to know Hemorrhoid before we start with its treatment. There are various veins in our body. They are all scattered and forms a network inside our system. When the veins inside the anal canal gets swollen up, they forms hemorrhoid. This could happen due to various reasons, one of them being the extensive pressure on the pelvic region.

In initial stages itching is caused near the opening of anus and slowly it takes in the shape of the painful and bleeding stools. The disease could be diagnosed through a physical examination done by the expert. Hemorrhoids can be classified under two main sub headings.

First is the external hemorrhoid and second is the internal hemorrhoid. The two can be together present in few cases. The type of treatment depends upon the type of hemorrhoid patient is suffering from.

Hemorrhoid could be easily treated by implementing few changes in your daily routine and a slight change in your diet chart. There are natural treatment, herbal treatment, ayurvedic treatment and allopathic treatment available to cure this disease. Treatments that you could apply at your homes include a balanced diet chart.

Follow these instructions to get an effective result. Add fiber rich content in your diet chart. This you can easily attain through the sufficient intake of fruits and green veggies. Increase the amount of water intake capacity. Water helps in the easy movement of the bowel. Since this is a painful condition, one needs to apply solutions that can give relaxation to this sensitive body part. Reduce the salt intake. Spicy food must be avoided and even the food with a high salt concentration should not be included in the diet.

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