HP DAT-160 Tape Ideal for Today’s Small Scale Companies

The growth strategy for each and every business is very different. The growth strategy taken up by a business depends upon the scale of the business and the type of the business. For instance, a large scale business would strive to achieve economies of scale in order to make the business grow where as a small scale business would prefer to engage in lower level marketing. Whichever be the scale of the business, one type of strategy that can be adopted by all businesses is the installation of backup technology. Backup technology is of utmost importance in the modern world, each and every business makes use of computer in the operations so if a disaster strikes and impairs the functioning of the computer the business will encounter heavy losses. There are several examples that can be found in the history where businesses lost their data due to a computer disaster and never really recovered it. The invention of backup technology changed this scenario completely by providing a duplicate of the data that can be retrieved any time.

When one talks about backup technology it is essential to mention HP’s DDS-6 solution. Hewlett-Packard is one of the biggest brands in the information technology industry, it a large and loyal customer base in not only United States by several other parts of the world. The customers are loyal to HP because they know HP is an innovator that introduces to the world most advance technologies at a reasonable price. HP DAT-160 backup media format like most HP products also observes the two characteristic mentioned above. It is one of the fastest selling products in the backup technology industry because of its reasonable and affordable price. HP DAT-160 technology is most suitable for small and medium sized businesses that are not very data intensive. The raw data storage capacity of the tape is 80 GB, but like most mediums of backup technology this DAT tape also comes with the compression feature. Compression allows the tape to enhance the storage capacity of the tape to around 160 GB. The processing speed of the tape is also overwhelmingly impressive; the tape can process data at a remarkable speed of 12 Megabytes’ per second. The storage capacity and processing speed most definitely contribute in enhancing the efficiency and reliability of small scale businesses.

MR-D6MQN-01 and DGDAT160 are two other durable DDS6 cartridges from Quantum and Sony. The tape also comes with backwards compatibility; this means that small and medium sized businesses that have installed older generations of DDS format can read/write data from those tapes. The ultra efficient perform of the tape has allowed around 6 million users in the world to benefit from its technology. If your small scale business is seeking an ideal product for backing up data then DAT-160 backup solution is the right choice. The installation of HP DDS 6 media system in the office does not infringe any extra burden on the expenses of the business and also allows it to enhance its performance and run smoothly without any disruptions.

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