HP DDS 4 Backup Tape,The Safest And Low Cost Format That Small Companies Can Rely On

If you want to protect your business data, you will have to make sure that you regularly follow a data backup plan. It is said that the major reason for business failure is the loss of dat. This data is not any ordinary form of data; it is extremely important and confidential in nature and it is worth more than millions of dollars. Business would do anything just to get their data back but it is absolutely impossible to get it back if you haven’t stored it on any other medium other than the computer’s hard disk.

There are so many reasons which can account for data loss and sometimes there is absolutely nothing which could have been done to save the data. Computers are only machines after all and every machine cannot be reliable. There are so many instances where the computers break down and stop working. This means that all of the data has also gone away with the computer and you can consider it lost forever if it wasn’t stored anywhere else. Backups have been invented for such purposes and in today’s world data backup has been made almost compulsory. Every business has shifted from ordinary paper work and files to the use of computers. Computerized systems within organizations require huge amounts to data to work on a routinely basis and this is why the business data is so crucial in nature.

There is absolutely no reason to avoid backing up data because with so many advancements in the backup technology, the process of backing up data has been made easier and less time consuming. One of the best things you can do for your business is to get a HP DDS4 tape. Tape drives are absolutely fantastic for this entire process and the backing up of data is done so smoothly and quickly that no extra effort has to be put in.

Tape drives allow users to read and write off data. This data is stored on a magnetic tape and it can be accessed later on whenever required. We all are familiar with the HP products and we know that HP products are always of the best quality and they give the best performance. Same is the case with the HP DDS4 tape as it gives the best performance for the data backup process.

The HP DDS4 tape is ideal to be used in small businesses which have less data that needs to be backed up. It is important to decide how much of data you need to backup. Some businesses choose to back up the entire data they have on their computer systems while some only backup the most important data. This tape drive has a native storage capacity of up to 20 GB and this can be increased to up to 40 GB for the storage of compressed data. Also, the tape drive has a longer life and can be used for up to a thousand back to back passes and it will not deplete before that.

DDS 4 tape cartridges are very robust, reliable and cost efficient. High performance SDLT tapes, LTO tapes, DDS tapes, AIT tapes, RDX cartridges and Maxell 200028, DDS4 cartridges are available at Odsi.co.uk, at low price. Mark Paul Online Digital Solutions LLC, 39 Southend Road, East Ham London E62AL Tel: 0203 005 9500 Email: sales@odsi.co.uk

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