HP DDS 4 tape- cost effective backup technology

For any business, regardless of its size, backing up data is of foremost significance. Without this data, companies lose customer trust and business activities become inoperable. No matter how reliable we think computers are, but like any other machine, they cannot be trusted completely. Computer is vulnerable to many threats like malwares, viruses, spywares and even natural disasters which are beyond anyone’s control.  If a business loses its data permanently, it loses revenue, face hefty penalties and waste a lot of time to restore the lost data. Without a proper backup strategy, business needs manual intervention to restore the lost data and success is not guaranteed.

But your business does not need to pay such a heavy cost; all it has to do is install an efficient, reliable and durable backup technology. Hewlett-Packard is recognized worldwide as a leading IT company which provides state of the art tape store technology to its customers. HP DDS-4 media storage solution is based on the firmly-established DDS technology. It is suitable for small & medium scale businesses.

HP as a brand is committed to providing businesses with products that are intelligently engineered to meet the widest range of demands, and support multifunctional enterprise applications and advanced computing systems. HP DDS 4 backup tape offers storage capacity of 20 GB for native data, and after data compression, it can reliably store 40 GB of compressed data.  Along with impressive capacity and long media life, it also offers higher transfer rate. Data throughput speed for compressed data is 6 megabytes’ per second.

HP successfully manufactures backup storage products that are durable and reliable; this is evident from the fact that HP has an installed base of more than 19 million drives worldwide.  HP DDS-4 media tape is compatible with DAT 40 and DAT 72 tape drives. OBDR (One Button Disaster Recovery) is an excellent functionality that has been embedded in HP’s DDS tape drives.  So the I.T staff can conveniently restore the entire system by just pushing a button on the tape drive. For greater durability, this cartridge comes in protective poly case.  HP also offers a limited lifetime warranty for HP DDS-4 tape. Archival storage life for these media storage tapes is 30 years.

HP DDS tape solutions are rigorously engineered with a clear focus on longer archival life and low operating cost. Dimensions of this small DDS 4 media tape features width of 0.59 cm, depth of 0.08 cm and height of 2.32 cm. it weighs only 0.06 kg. Its compactness and massive capacity means lesser physical space required for storing voluminous corporate data. For smooth functioning, this DDS 4 backup system supports a comprehensive range of HP tools and software.

Best features, which make this tape the best backup solution for your business is low ownership cost, longer archival life and seamless growth path. Compared to other tape technologies available in the market like AIT and DLT VS, this tape system offers lower cost per GB. It is the most reliable, cost efficient convenient backup solution for businesses.

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