HP DDS-4 Tape, The High Performance Solution Designed For Robust Data Security

Most vital strategy in today’s competitive business environment is data security. Seamless business sustainability and growth are possible only if the enterprise applications are provided fast and uninterrupted data access. Data recovery after a hardware failure or virus attack requires a lot of time, which means lost revenue and customer trust. So free yourself from the headaches of data loss by backing up all of the valuable corporate data assets.

All range and types of companies (small to large) periodically backup their data, which helps them to successfully compete in E-business world. SMB segment is dominated by the DDS (Digital Data Storage) tape storage technology. This format has flourished significantly since its introduction in 1989. It is the most intelligent and low-priced tape system available. HP Hewlett-Packard and many other leading brands Maxell, IBM, Dell, Quantum and Sony have engineered high performance DDS products. This provides customers excellent media choice and irresistible prices.

HP DDS4 is a dependable, compact and robust solution for data-rich servers (small to midrange), enterprise workgroups and busy IT centers. With its rack-mounted, table top and internal drive models, IT managers can easily configure this backup system and improve their overall performance. The small-sized DDS4 tape, featuring 20/40 GB capacity, is perfect for the storage needs of medium & small organizations. The super fast 21.6 GB/hour (compressed) backup speed saves more time and meets the stringent demands of today’s enterprise applications and leading operating systems.

System up-gradation cost reduces as DDS format offers scalable generations that can reliably write/read your existing DDS tapes. DDS 4 drives’ backward compatibility reaches up to DDS2 generation. That means you have the flexibility to use three DDS tape versions. Therefore, the DDS customers will enjoy pain-free and economical growth path, whereas the access to existing datasets will help maximize the storage value. HP DDS4 drives extract data from the DDS4 tapes within an unmatched time period of 50 seconds. So the users enjoy peace of mind and perform more efficiently than their rivals.

Data recovery is extremely fast and easy. The OBDR (One Button Disaster Recovery) is a breakthrough feature that provides users the convenience of data extraction through a single button. Another benefit of this innovative feature is the elimination of expensive backup software. Additionally, this system is equipped with numerous applications that help simplify troubleshooting and accelerate the storage performance. Consistent performance and supreme data integrity are ensured by the extremely smooth tape reel and the durable drive head. The Mean time between failures is 400,000 hours, making it the most reliable solution.

This DDS solution allows seamless expansion and the performance can be enhanced by migrating to high capacity versions. DAT-320, the latest generation, streams data at an impressive 86GB/hr (compressed) and features up to 320 GB capacity. The customers won’t have to leave behind their tape media resources when up-grading to next generation and enjoy long term investment protection. Small and midsized companies with stringent data management challenges can confidently install HP’s low priced, efficient, durable and high performance DDS solutions.

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