HP Hewlett-Packard, One Brand For The SMB Customers’ Fast Growing Data Protection Needs

Those IT managers should feel lucky if they had not yet experienced any hard drive failure, but there is a high probability that they might suffer from data loss. So make sure that you have a smart and reliable solution to this common occurrence and do not lose your business revenue. There isn’t any better solution than creating data backups, which is trusted by the successful organizations. Just like the large businesses, backup storage is also essential for medium-sized & small companies. The reason is that the government legislations (SarbanesOxley Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA etc.) have also migrated to this segment.

HP Hewlett-Packard is one of the pioneers of backup media products and is proud to have the widest range of solutions for all segments especially the fast-growing SMBs. DDS (Digital Data Storage) format is the most prolific of HP’s tape-based solutions. HP co-invented this tape system to satisfy the SMB segment’s persistent demand for a scalable, low cost and efficient backup solution.  DDS 1 tape version, launched in 1989, was well received by the small companies. This generation offered two different capacities of 1.3 GB and 2.0 GB (native). So far, seven generations of scalable DDS format have hit the market. Data recording capability of DAT-320 (latest generation) has reached the capacity mark of 320GB. With fast backup speed, storage consolidation and low ownership cost also comes the backward compatibility feature. Users migrating to next generation are provided complete access to the existing DDS tapes.

LTO (Linear Tape Open) is another popular technology, which also has been co-invented by HP. The other partners were Seagate (now Quantum) and IBM. Its latest LTO-5 tape version has been specifically engineered to simplify backup/recovery operations in the complex and data-intensive IT centers of large enterprises. The SMB customers widely use the prior generations ranging from LTO1 to LTO4. Their compressed capacity is 200GB and 1.60 TB, which suits the broadest range of organizations.  Moreover, HP’s impressive tape drive models and the LTO WORM (write once, read many) tapes further enhance the customer choice. HP LTO tape drives will support other brands as well. Similarly, the tapes work seamlessly with other drives. This is a unique benefit of LTO technology that has made it the customers’ first choice. The half and full height drives compress large data volumes at 2:1 ratio without any interruption, while ensuring rock solid reliability.

HP’s SDLT (Super Digital Linear Tape) is a smart option for backing up corporate to enterprise servers installed in a space-constrained environment. SDLT2 tape generation features almost double the media capacity of SDLT1. First generation accommodates 320GB compressed data, whereas the maximum capacity offering of SDLT2 is a massive 600 GB. Like the tape formats mentioned above, these SDLT drives are also backward compatible and allow flexible internal/external installation. Laser Guided Magnetic Recording (LGMR) is the breakthrough functionality that has enabled the HP SDLT drives to write more data amount in lesser tape area, and maintain a high speed of 36 MB per second (un-compressed).

So confidently install any of these HP tape solutions and enjoy the highest level of reliability and efficiency.

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