HP Hewlett-Packard’s Versatile And Breakthrough Backup Storage Systems

In today’s instrumented E-business world, IT managers face the twin challenges of cost efficient data management and robust security. On the other hand, shrinking budgets, data retention legislations, intense competition, hackers and rapid data growth amplify these challenges. It is critically important to devise a smart and reliable disaster recovery strategy, because the precious corporate data can be lost in an instant due to hardware failure, viruses etc. Ongoing backup storage prevents interruptions and is a dependable solution for businesses sustainability.

All types of companies with stringent storage and security challenges prefer the remarkable range of HP-branded backup solutions. HP’s technical excellence, innovative features and clear focus on superior quality have made it an industry-favorite brand. Tape-based systems are dominating the backup industry for more than 5 decades. HP offers you intelligent, low cost and dependable tape formats that works excellently in the widest array of backup environments.

Most dominant technology in this segment is LTO (Linear Tape Open). Its ongoing scalable generations double the storage performance and speed, while offering the cost-saving backward compatibility. The first two generations are well-suited for small business segment, whereas HP ultrium4 and LTO3 are the most efficient mid-range systems. Additionally, the LTO 5 generation economically meets the challenges of large enterprises, complex computing environments, mission critical systems and time-critical applications. Speed and capacity of these HP LTO systems can be doubled without any additional expense. They feature data compression system that allows fast data streaming and accommodation of massive data volumes. First generation LTO ultrium 1 stores raw 100 GB data, and a tremendous 1.5 TB capacity is offered by LTO ultrium 5 tape. Sensitive data assets cannot be used maliciously if they are hacked or stolen, as robust security is ensured by the dependable 256-bit encryption. This compelling feature makes LTO5 and LTO-4 the best systems available for long term data protection.

Another highly cost efficient tape system offered by HP Hewlett-Packard for fast, reliable and long term storage is Digital Data Storage format, in short DDS. The solid growth path meets the SMB customers’ demand and provides excellent value for your DDS investment. Storage capacity of latest DAT320 tape (seventh generation) extends to 320GB (compressed).  Previous media generations are supported by all DDS versions, thus ensuring cost efficient scalability and investment protection. The drives are compact and extremely fast. Moreover, the vast range of USB, SAS and SCSI drive units ensure pain-free installation.

For those IT managers interested in disk storage technology, HP offers a leading-edge RDX solution. Most remarkable feature of this solution is the combined attributes of the two major technologies, tape and disk. You can preserve these RDX disks at your data center or transport them to a secure off-site location. Backup speed of 108 GB/hr is also the fastest in this class. Moreover, the exceptional capacity range of 160 GB to 1.0 TB helps to make a smart choice for your budget and storage needs. So, for long term archiving, flexible configuration and low ownership cost, install the HP-branded backup systems.

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