HP LTO 2 Tape-Tape Technology To Boost Your Business Efficiency

Business environment has changed dramatically; computers have become the integral part of the business. No business can operate efficiently and stay competitive without involving computers for managing its data. Data volume is increasing exponentially and so is business demand for reliable backup solution. For any business securing its data is crucial as this data is vulnerable to many serious threats like virus attacks, hardware & software malfunction, power breakdown etc.

In case business is exposed to any of these threats, it would lose its data permanently. Without investing in a backup technology, business would not be able to retrieve its data completely, which will have detrimental consequences for any business and can even lead to total collapse. Not installing a backup technology is the unneeded risk a business undertakes.ewlett-Packard is the brand recognized worldwide for not only providing state of the art backup technology, but also for providing wide range of IT products. HP along with Quantum and IBM launched the most cost-efficient and reliable Linear Open tape format which ensures superior performance to its customers.

HP LTO ultrium 2 tape is the second generation of world-famous LTO tape technology, which offers increased data storage capacity, faster data transfer rates and enhanced data integrity and security. HP LTO 2, C7972A tape can store 200 GB of native data and with the additional compression feature it can store 400 GB of compressed data. Along with massive storage capacity, HP Hewlett-Packard offers its customers improved data processing rate to enhance the performance of these cartridges. It can transfer native data at a speed of 40 megabytes’ per second and compressed data at 80 megabytes’ per second.

For its highly durable LTO 2 media tape, HP has used a very fine coating technique with ultra thin metal particles of excellent quality. This method improves data tracks and recording density. These backup tapes are very compact and can fit into a small place. Because of massive storage capacity, business enterprise will require fewer tapes to store huge amount of data.

These HP LTO 2 backup tapes are compatible with LTO 2 ultrium tape drives and autoloaders. These drives offer an additional advantageous feature, they are backward compatible. That means these tape drives can read and write data from earlier generation of LTO tapes. SAS compatible LTO 2 ultrium drives can be connected directly to the SAS server by using SAS host bus adapter or SAS controller.Similar to HP’s first generation LTO 1 cartridge, the LTO 2 media tape also comes with memory chips which provides reliable assistance throughout load or unload operation. LTO tape technology offers multi vendor compatibility which allows a business to connect to a range of ultrium platforms.

HP LTO 2 tape technology is intelligently engineered to provide its customers with greater flexibility and durability, these tapes have an archival life of over 30 years. These tapes are designed to perform under the harsh working conditions. It is the most robust backup solution which offers massive storage capacity, fast transfer rates at a very economical price.

Business enterprises trust Odsi.co.uk that is well-renowned for the exquisite range of tape media products. So all of your storage needs can be cost efficiently fulfilled with our high quality backup products. Mark Paul Online Digital Solutions LLC, 39 Southend Road, East Ham London E62AL Tel: 0203 005 9500 Email: sales@odsi.co.uk

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