HP LTO 3 tape system Has The Best Range Of Configuration For Your Demanding Standalone And Automated Backup Environments

There have been so many changes in the business world after the advent of the computer system. Everything has been made more systemized and accurate but along with all the blessing which we enjoy at the hands of the computer, we should not forget about the bad things which might come our way if we are not too careful. This is especially true for data loss cases. There are so many reasons which can account for data loss and there are so many different ways in which our data can be lost. We might think that the computer is the most reliable thing on this planet and nothing can be more efficient than the computer.

But we fail to understand the fact that the computer is nothing but a machine and like all other machines, this one too can fail at times. Data stored on the computer systems within organizations is very crucial in nature and if this data is lost then it will cause a lot of trouble. This is why it is important not to take any risks with the data and to try to keep it in safe places. One of the most popular ways in which data can be lost is the use of internet which brings viruses and downloading any software which is malicious. Things such as these can cause the data on your hard disks to corrupt and once it is lost, consider it lost forever unless you have kept a backup copy of it.

This shows how important it is to backup data on a regular basis. Many businesses don’t understand the importance of backing up data and even if they do, they don’t try to implement ways of backing up data in their routine because they think it will take up too much extra time and effort. This is totally wrong considering how the technology has evolved ever since. New ways of backing up data allow the data backup process to be very easy and quick. The most common way of backing up data is with the use of tape system; a smart and inexpensive backup system like the HP LTO 3 tape.

The LTO ultrium 3 tape system has impressive data storage capacity for mid sized businesses. It can store up to 400 GB of native data and if you want to store large amounts of data then you can compress files and this will allow about 800 GB of data to be stored on the tape. Here we are talking about the HP’s LTO3 tape which is the best in midrange segment. HP has always been the number one brand when it comes to IT products.

Above all, the data transfer speed of the tape is amazing. The tape allows data to be copied at a speed of 80 mbps. Like the storage capacity, this tape system also accelerates the backup speed. With 160MB/s compressed speed, midsized companies feel confident that they the demands of time-critical applications can be fulfilled.

HP LTO3 tape cartridges are very robust, reliable and cost efficient. High performance VXA tapes, SDLT tapes, DDS tapes, AIT tapes, RDX cartridges and Sony LTX400G, LTO3 tapes are available at Odsi.co.uk, at low price. Mark Paul Online Digital Solutions LLC, 39 Southend Road, East Ham London E62AL Tel: 0203 005 9500 Email: sales@odsi.co.uk

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