HP LTO3 Tape Enhancing The Productivity Of Businesses

Advancements in technology have not only revolutionized the lives of individuals but also the nature of the corporate world. Businesses today operate in a much different manner than they used to two decades ago. The idea of recording business data manually has diminished and computers have taken precedence. Each and every department of the business makes use of computers to store, record and process information. Of course if so much information is being processed on computers it is exposed to a wide degree of risk.

First of all, if a virus attacks the computer, then that department would lose their data which would impair their ability to function productively. Sometimes the attack of the virus is so dramatic that it does not just affect one department but the entire business. The history can quote several examples of businesses which failed to recover from such catastrophe. It was at this point in time Hewlett-Packard, Seagate and IBM joined forces to event a form of backup technology that would create a duplicate copy of crucial data, keep it secure and add to the efficiency of the business. This technology was named Linear Tape Open technology and in the year 2005 the third generation of this technology was launched.

HP LTO ultrium 3 tape is one of the most successful and best selling backup devices of HP brand. Businesses that use this tape for backing up critical business systems report that the tape system has enhanced the efficiency of the business by 3 folds. The tape can store 400 GB of native data and 800 GB of compressed data. The processing speed varies for native and compressed between 80 Megabytes’ per second and 160 Megabytes’ per second respectively. The tape drive also has the capacity of performing the WORM feature.

Write Once Read Many allows businesses to enter data only once, that is, once it is entered it cannot be altered or edited. However it can be accessed as many as times as the user requires. This feature protects the integrity of the business data making it hundred percent reliable and trustworthy. Worm feature provides business data with a whole new level of security without spending extensively on additional software and hardware.

The size of the HP LTO3 tape is really very compact, which means, once installed in the office it does not occupy much space. As a matter of factor compared to other products in the market the tape occupies very little space, leaving more room in office storage that can be used productively. Lastly, medium scaled businesses are more comfortable purchasing HP LTO3 tape because they have limited budget for backing up data.

The tight constraints of their budgets do not allow them to spend lavishly. This lto3 tape does not infringe any financial burden and allows businesses to take advantage of all the benefits of backup technology.  If some businesses have an older generation of Linear Tape Open technology they can easily upgrade it to LTO3 because it supports backwards compatibility.

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