HP MSL6000 Tape Library Offers Ultra-High Storage Capacity

Nowadays, the companies have to manage massive volumes of business records and other digital content. Rush to E-commerce and growing storage area networks have triggered the demand for higher-capacity and faster backup systems.

HP as always, continues to develop new intelligent, durable and energy-efficient economical backup storage devices. HP is proud to introduce high speed MSL6000 tape library that has been specifically designed for medium to large scale networks and complex IT infrastructures. The readers will certainly be amazed to know that the MSL6000 tape library offers ultra-high storage capacity of 384 TB (compressed). HP MSL6000 tape library delivers unbeatable performance and provides a centralized, secure and efficient automated backup system in a single device.

HP tape library provides you more choice, as it supports the industry-leading SDLT and LTO backup tape formats. The compatible tape generations are LTO-3, LTO-4 and SDLT-2 tape. With LTO-4 ultrium tape, you can secure your valuable data by utilizing its reliable hardware-based data encryption functionality. MSL6000 tape library provides higher scalability and flexibility to address the growing data protection needs. Automated and centralized backup operations helps to reduce the involvement of IT staff, which results in higher storage efficiency and reduced operational costs. MSL6000 tape library can house up to 240 backup tapes and 16 tape drives.

In order to save your precious time, I have mentioned part numbers of few lto-3, sdlt-2 and lto-4 tapes:

LTO 3, lto-3 ultrium tapes
MR-L3MQN-01, LTX400GWW, 17533, 17532, D2406-LTO3, 341-2647, C7973a

SDLT-2, sdlt2 backup tapes
MRS2MQN01, 183715, Q2020A, 16988, 26300201

LTO-4 ultrium, lto 4 tapes
C7974A, 26247007, D2407-LTO4, LTX800G, 341-4647, MR-L4MQN-01

MSL6000 tape library features ultra-160 LVD SCSI, ultra-320 LVD SCSI, 2GB fiber channel and 4GB fiber channel host interfaces. Now you can easily monitor and manage your data from remote locations, because HP has introduced web-based management functionality in MSL6000 tape library. HP has designed a special GUI-control panel which allows simple data manageability and provides vital information regarding backup operations, error rate and media performance.

LTO ultrium is the first choice of data managers due to its “open” nature. You can use the LTO tapes with any of the LTO drive brands. This is really an amazing feature of LTO tape technology, which helps to lower the operational costs and enhance the storage value. HP LTO tape devices provide your more cost and functional benefits than other LTO tape brands.

With LTO-4 tape drive, the stored data can be reliably preserved in encrypted form that helps is regulatory compliance and ensures data privacy. HP tape library also allows multi-unit stacking that facilitates the customers to keep pace with the growing storage needs regardless of space constraints. MSL6000 tape library provides highest level of reliability even under increased workloads. MSBF (mean swaps between failures) of MSL6000 tape library reaches up to an unmatched 2 million. Good news is that the HP tape library automatically changes the tape media cartridges to ensure consistent performance. HP tape library works excellently with the market’s leading backup software and operating systems.

This precision-engineered MSL6000 tape library is the best choice that can fulfill your backup requirements with unbeatable cost-effectiveness.

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Frank Miller is the Marketing Manager of Backuptape and markets LTO-4 ultrium tape and D2407-LTO4. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology.

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