HP’s RDX Backup System is the Answer to the Long Term Data Protection Demands

Rush to E-commerce has created new stiff challenges. Corporate databases continue to explode, whereas the clients, organizational management and stock holders access these databases 24x7x365. Business operations become inoperable and you can lose your customer trust if data is not made available in-time. More devastating are hardware failure, fire or flood that can completely erase the data. In order to safeguard business continuity, an ongoing backup storage strategy is vital.

Due to tight budgets, constrained office space and limited IT expertise, the small businesses demand low-cost, user friendly, durable and compact solution. HP Hewlett-Packard satisfies this demand with its smart RDX backup system. This intelligent disk system also inherits the ruggedness, portability, smooth scalability and reliability of tape storage format. Moreover, the HP RDX system offers fast trouble-free USB connectivity, multiple generations and random data access. That is why IT professionals prefer this in-expensive and durable RDX system for workstation backup and small networks.

You have an excellent choice of media capacity with up to a massive 1 TB RDX disk, part number Q2044A. HP’s prior RDX disk versions feature 160 GB, 500GB and 750 GB media capacity. The widest range of storage and budget requirements can be efficiently met with this solution. The state-of-the-art functionalities offered by HP RDX system are bare metal recovery, continuous data protection, offsite media storage, disk snapshots, file deduplication and revision.

Efficiently utilize your available data-center space with external and internal RDX dock stations. Up-gradation is very cost-efficient and the performance of RDX system can be enhanced by adding media disks. No need to install new dock station because it can operate all RDX disks, the future generations as well. Files can be restored within seconds and backed up at a speed of 108GB per hour, thus optimizing customer service, productivity, efficiency and application availability.

These shock-proof cartridges are perfect for long term storage. Performance of these RDX cartridges doesn’t degrade even after rough handlings or accidental drops. Minimum working life of these robust disk cartridges is 5000 removal & insertion cycles.

The cartridge shell is highly resistant against high temperature, electrostatic discharge and harsh environmental conditions. So backup your precious business documents and be assured of fast accessibility and long term security.

HP’s DDS (Digital Data Storage) tapes are also widely used for preserving data in small & medium-sized companies. Part numbers of HP-branded DDS tapes are C57064 (DDS1), C57074 (DDS 2), C5708A (DDS-3) and C5718A (DDS 4).

Confidently connect the RDX dock stations with rack mount kit, integrate it internally or place it on your desktop. You can backup voluminous data with little effort. Just copy past the data or transfer files by dragging them onto the drive letter assigned to your RDX disk cartridge. Host system detects the RDX system just like a USB flash drive. This eliminates the headache of installation and saves more time. So the IT staff with limited expertise can conveniently manage their corporate data and enjoy long term reliability. HP has incorporated the best combination of high performance functionalities in this compact, easy to use, high speed and intelligent backup solution.


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