Hydraulic jaw crusher and comparison compound pendulum jaw crusher

Jaw grinding machine is the most common use of grinding machinery, generally used in consumer gravel, mineral processing and other industries. Jaw jaw grinding machine grinding machine with hydraulic tilting jaw and re-grinding machine two kinds.

Related behind the compound pendulum jaw grinding machine, hydraulic jaw grinding machine safe and reliable and easy to take and discharge of hydraulic failure Insurance installation. Important is dependent mounted on a hydraulic cylinder and piston rod to complete the installation. Hours of normal tasks inside the fuel tank filled pressure oil cylinder and piston rod integral role to play, there are hours when the grinding chamber has a non-abrasive material, the pressure rod received rapid increase in oil increased agility, flow valve open, when the pressure oil is extruded, the piston will be released. While rotating the cylinder rod with a fair level of the stationary shaft, but as the piston rod is stationary, therefore, the thrust plate and the movable jaw is not oscillating, which play a role in the insurance installation. With hydraulic techniques have been carried out, the hydraulic jaw grinding machine vision can not be estimated.

crushing and grinding industry in China

Affect the hardness of tungsten ore mill productivity

The nature of tungsten ore mine: This tungsten ore is quartz vein epithermal fissure filling deposit. Ore important metal minerals wolframite, scheelite, followed by molybdenite, bismuthinite, native bismuth, tungsten China, pyrite, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite and malachite and other large; gangue Important minerals are quartz, mica, calcite, and a large number tourmaline. Sandstone rock is transformed. Wolframite is uneven disseminated in quartz veins, large grain crystals of 10mm or more, fine, but as long as the 0.04-0.01mm, wolframite dark brown color, showing thick plate. Scheelite ore individually small, color gray, with oil sheen, the accuracy of individual finer than wolframite.

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Tungsten ores indirectly the hardness of the mineral composition and the physical aspect of the quality of the ore in the choice of the hardness of the material is large, the mineral composition within tight material, in the use of a ball mill to grind its consumption, the need for grinding long time to reach the required tasks finished size request, thus solving the mill to fall; when the hardness of the material for grinding smaller consumption of materials to be crushed easily absolute grinding, ball mill can be fast in a short time of abrasive consumption, consumption in the unit ball of solving the task to get progress, the material may be adequate and efficient grinding operation. Therefore, the greater the choice of the hardness of the ore beneficiation mill solving skills.

sand stone production line

Consisting of partial jaw grinding machine

Task partial jaw grinding machine is both jaws, one fixed jaw plate (fixed jaw), vertical (or slightly upper camber) fixed to the front wall of the body, and the other is stationary jaw plate (moving jaw), status tilt, causing the next big small grinding chamber (task cavity) and the fixed jaw. Stationary jaw against the fixed jaw do periodic reciprocating still, sometimes left, sometimes closer. When leaving the material into the grinding chamber, the finished product from the lower unloading; close, so between the two jaws mounted on the material being extruded, bending and splitting the role and grinding.

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