I don’t suppose you’ll tell me how

You appear to know an awful lot about us, Master Fowl. I don’t suppose you’ll tell me how?’


Root mashed the remains of his cigar into the crystal ashtray.

‘So let’s have it, what are your demands?’

‘One demand. Singular.’

Artemis slid his notepad across the polished table. Root read what was written there.

‘One tonne of twenty-four-carat gold. Small unmarked ingots only. You can’t be serious.’

‘Oh, but I am.’

Root sat forward in his chair. ‘Don’t you see? Your position is untenable. Either you give us back ugg outlet Captain Short or we will be forced to kill you all. There is no middle ground. We don’t negotiate. Not really. I’m just here to explain the facts to you.’

Artemis smiled his vampire smile. ‘Oh, but you will negotiate with me, Commander.’

‘Oh, really? And what makes you so special?’

‘I am special, because I know how to escape the time-field.’

‘Impossible,’ snorted Root. ‘Can’t be done.’

‘Oh yes it can. Trust me, I haven’t been wrong yet.’

Root tore off the top page, folding it into his pocket.

‘I’ll have to think about this.’

‘Take your time. We have eight hours … excuse me, seven and a half hours, then time’s up for everybody.’

Root said nothing for a long while, tapping his nails on the tabletop. He cheap ugg boots took a breath to speak, then changed his mind and stood abruptly.

‘We’ll be in touch. Don’t worry, I’ll see myself out.’

Artemis pushed his chair back.

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