I just think you have a right to know

Her side to move the sofa while thinking sail angry face, could not help but smile.ZhenAi decided to go to the nearby supermarket around. Around Secondly, she was going to buy some dinner dish.Wait until everything is ready, the dish has been served, although not particularly beautiful, ZhenAi for their craft is still very confident. ZhenAi found that the weather has been all dark, but sail or did not come back.The wall of the living room side of the enormous bell, loved watching the second hand kept turning circle, around and around.He will not hurt? The ZhenAi heart “GeDeng” it. She patted his head, think of where to go? Originally full of expectations set sail to see what will be the excitement she rearranged the furniture, would cease to exist with the passage of time. She want him to hurry back, safely.Quarter woolrich hats past nine, bells Tintin Hasty rang.ZhenAi ran to the door, the excited look good and see the man standing by the door, could

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not help but dimmed.”Miss Lee, CEO let me to take you home.” The man standing outside Cui, director.”But – sail it? He gone?” ZhenAi doubt authentic.Cui Director explained to her: “old chairman of relapse, was admitted to the woolrich women arctic jackets hospital, the chief executive was still in hospital.”ZhenAi understand place nod, pick up a jacket, table hearty dinner she was dumped in a garbage bag.Sail’s father was in hospital, she want to go to see if he? But sail and did not introduce her understanding of the chapter house, so bold to go, would not be too strange?This is indeed a headache thing, so ZhenAi sat on the bed before going to sleep like a long time could not think of the results.Loved to wake up a sweat, genius just dawn, she has had no sleep.ZhenAi sat up in bed, and decided to find some things to do. Finally decided to to go Ho Su Orchestra look at. Orchestra was established day celebration, she missed. She should congratulate him in person.Orchestra is his cousin, the record company’s wind Xing Zhong Gulou Street opposite the alley. Ho Su electric bassist occasionally sing a few songs, just him more time to concentrate on playing the bass.Ho Su see ZhenAi, some looked at her in disbelief and said: “ZhenAi, how do you come?” He appeared excited, silly Hehedexiao, ranging ZhenAi reactions, he said, “very powerful security downstairs, how do you get in? “The “Xing wind with my recent encounter, just downstairs.” ZhenAi, pointing to the man sitting in the distant smoke, sign language Ho Su said.Smoggy, Ho Su wave to sweep those smoke Xing Wind said: “Cousin, you cut down a little.” It is said that his record of two packs of cigarettes a day.ZhenAi smiled use sign language on how the Soviet Union, said: “Are you busy now, just give a lift to come and see, there is time to find you miss set up to celebrate the party later on for you to fill.” She and Ho Su feelings more a.The Ho Su afraid she stay away, blocking her say: “how you doing?”ZhenAi know that he would like to know her and set sail, she did not answer just sweet and he smiled happily.He is a smart man woolrich women jackets and nature is understood. He laughed, he said: “Are you happy enough.”Loved watching him and laughing, but my mind was a sour, he has done a lot of things for himself, although he did not fall in love with him, but loved to know, who was so hard to want yourself to fall in love with him, he wanted to give her happiness.”You’ll come across a good girl, and then talk about a love neat.” Said ZhenAi sign language.Ho Su shook his head, an indifferent expression. The ZhenAi know further discussion, but futile. Across the glass windows of the outdoor studio, ZhenAi to look inside a.”Imagine that you are serious.” She thought he was joking.”Do not you?” Ho Su asked.”No good, really good. Kind of a good feeling like someone along she had walked but did not go far location, and then go on.Xing wind with her two stood side by side on the elevator.”The power of love is really great,” he lamented somehow one, but no one cent of lamenting tone, “one does not understand sign language, you can try to discount woolrich parka learn sign language; know music, you can also try to study music.”ZhenAi turned his head, he said is how the Soviet Union, but – she did not understand what he was saying, maybe she knows, just do not want to face.”He Suxi Huan you.” He told her. As when they first met he wisely said to her, we make a deal.Lee ZhenAi, do not you have not seen it? I do not know how from his feelings of guilt to the loved ones, you should feel it. Maybe I started wrong, I think you can heal the wounds of his heart that silly kid, actually own ran to learn sign language, and he is really in love with you. “But she did not give him a chance.Ho Su not to say that the original will of his sign language? Not to say that they are still friends, he will also bless her?”You said nothing to use, I just think you have a right to know, chapter set sail for what you have done? Need woolrich women parka love, love to give you? Compensate for your lost loved ones pain?” He laughed smile, “What a pity, and both are not. should be very clear in your heart.”ZhenAi looked up at him.His tall figure in a small space elevator, the ZhenAi feel depressed. He said: “I heard Zhangrun industry disease the outside not pass his soon to be announced Chapter sail and Lin should pose the marriage? Let me you should know, Lin Ying Zi is Zhang Kai boat before the girlfriend. Brother died of, before dying requirements brother to take care of his girlfriend “He smiled contemptuously,” TV is not played. “The elevator door “when opened, ZhenAi cross out, Xing wind, then no response. He laughed her stubborn, facing the back, said: “I just want to remind you of something, maybe Ho Su is more suitable for you, or do you want to sail the love moths to a flame to accept Chapter?”ZhenAi turned around, “Sometimes I really think you like the devil like you a year ago, standing in front of me told me, ‘the person receiving the heart of your brother is dead, let’s make a deal’ the people you care about, you loved treasures, such as brotherhood between you and Ho Su you do not care about the people they can arbitrarily trampled underfoot. “”I want to give you a piece of advice, chapter and you sail not necessarily have good results, you’re not happy, HE Su suffer along with, I know him, his mouth a not say, in fact, did not want people to worry.”"I’m sorry,” I’m really sorry, because sorry love, but how might automatically turn direction, can not hold the emotions, is it not true charm lies love?ZhenAi pale from the record store, she was walking aimlessly.

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