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A Must Need for Children to Learn a Second Language
We all heard in the news or readin health and language articles that it is advantageous when learners begin to learn language in as early astheir childhood years. This is actually a factual case.According to Amina Khan, writerof Los Angeles Times, a number ofresearchers conducted a study discussed at the 2011 American Assn. for theAdvancement of Science meeting in Washington DC. If there is a study wherechildren learning languages ?provide a defense against some effects ofAlzheimer’s or just provide a great workout for the brain? then the said studypresents various benefits of a person being bilingual.One of the findings of the saidresearch was that that infants raised in bilingual households can tellunfamiliar foreign languages apart and those bilingual speakers who rapidlyswitch between languages are better mental multi-taskers than their monolingualcounterparts, Khan wrote. In cheap UGG boots other words, bilingual speakers can infrequentlyuse the wrong language, compared to monolingual speakers.When children, for example knowsFrench and German as his bilingual languages, he can easily determine whensomeone speaks French, he can speaks French; or German and vise versa. He isskillful and UGG boots versatile enough to switch between these two languages and mostaccurately expresses his own thoughts. A monolingual however, knows onlyFrench; he won?t determine if the language is German because he not familiarwith it. Do you know that when learners learn language bilingually, these twolanguages he knows juggles in his brain that results to maximized cognitiveadvantages? In fact, a person who knows two different languages is lessstressful compared to monolinguals. Personally, I agree with this because Ireally am a bit stressful especially UGG when oftentimes I encounter Spanish termswith my employment scenery. I get stressed understanding these terms, that?swhy if you know English and Spanish, lucky for you! Half of the causes of yourstress are automatically eradicated!These are very important effectsthat people should be aware of. Learning a second language does not onlyprovide employment or international opportunities for them, but also for theirown health benefits.That?s why, as encouraged by thisarticle proven by the research mentioned above, children, as early as threeyears old must learn another language. You?re not only investing incrediblywonderful knowledge for them, but you also prepared them to become someone intheir own future success.

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