If you can get your bags so that they

Burlap Bags

In a pinch, any type of bag can be used for sandbag barrier construction. Doing something to protect your property from flood water is a lot better than just letting the water rise. You can use Cheap Gucci Hats trash bags, pillow cases, or even pantyhose filled with ordinary soil. However, taking the necessary precautions and preparing yourself so that you can build a proper sandbag barrier if flooding occurs will give you far better protection.

The Correct Bags for a Sandbag Wall

You’ll need a good supply of burlap bags or sacks and a supply of sand to go inside them. You can of course use soil, but it won’t have the best results and the sandbags won’t last long, Cheap Gucci watches since the soil will cause them to rot. Sand will last longer.

If you can get your bags so that they are all roughly the same size, you’ll find it easier Cheap Gucci Mens Shoes to construct a sturdy barrier. For a low floodwater barrier, you’ll probably only need to build your wall one row of sandbags deep. However, if it needs to be high, to be strong, you will have to use the pyramid construction, which consists of building so that if you look at your wall endon, it appear as an upside down V shape.

Finding burlap bags is the easy part. You will be able to get all you need from your local hardware merchant, or from a feed merchant. Also, you can get them from an industrial bag supplier. Burlap will keep for years providing it is stored correctly in a dry place. However, if it gets wet it will tend to rot, so check on your bags before each flood season.

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