Im sure the People are eager to wipe our minds

These memories are part of who I am, responded Artemis.
He examined the vials on the table, selecting two.
Now, everybody, its time to put these in. Im sure the People are eager to wipe our minds.

Foalys technical crew set up shop cheap studio beats in the conference room, laying out a complex assembly of electrodes and fibre-optic cable. Each cable was connected to a plasma screen that converted brainwaves to actual binary information. In laymans terms, Foaly would be able to read the humans memories like a book and edit out what shouldnt be there. Possibly the most incredible part of the entire procedure was that the human brain itself would supply alternative memories to fill the blank spots.
We could do the mind wipes with a field kit, explained Foaly, once the patients were assembled. But field kits are just for blanket wipes. It would erase everything thats happened over the past sixteen months. That could have serious implications for your emotional development, not to mention your IQ. So, better we use the lab pro beats kit and simply erase the memories that pertain to the People. Obviously, we will have to erase the days you spent in fairy company completely. We cant take any chances there.
Artemis, Butler and Juliet were seated round the table. Technical gnomes swabbed their temples with disinfectant.
Ive thought of something, said Butler.
Dont tell me, interrupted the centaur. The age thing, right?
Butler nodded. A lot of people know me as a forty-year-old man. You cant wipe them all.
Way ahead of you, Butler. Were going to give your face a laser peel while youre unconscious. Get rid of some of that dead skin. We even brought a cosmetic surgeon to give your forehead a Dewer injection to smooth out the wrinkles.
Fat, explained the centaur. We take it hd beats from one area, and inject it into another.
Butler was not enthused by the idea. This fat. It doesnt come from my behind, does it?
Foaly shuffled uncomfortably. Well, it doesnt come from your behind.
Research has shown that of all the fairy races, dwarfs have the greatest longevity. Theres a miner in Poll Dyne who is allegedly over two thousand years old. Havent you ever heard the expression smooth as a dwarfs bottom?
Butler slapped away a technician who was attempting to attach an electrode patch to his head.
Are you telling me that fat from a dwarfs backside is going to be injected into my head?
Foaly shrugged. The price of youth. There are pixies on the west bank paying a fortune for Dewer treatments.
Butler spoke through gritted teeth. I am not a pixie.

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