Imation RDX, the New Innovative Disk-Based Backup System For Long Term Security

Due to the increasing data retention legislations, long term data storage has become critically important for all types of organizations and business enterprises. E-business demands quick business response and fast data access round-the-clock. So the organizations need to strengthen their data security, and ensure that viruses and hardware failures do not degrade their efficiency.  These threats can wipe out data from your primary storage devices (hard disks), thus halting all business operations

The only way to handle such disasters is data backup. Tape is the most dominant backup technology and no other format has matched its robustness, affordability, performance and removability. But now, a smart RDX disk based system has been introduced that also offers the benefits of tape format. So, the powerful attributes of both backup systems are now being offered by a single RDX disk solution.

Imation is the leading brand in numerous data storage products including USB flash drives, backup tapes, removable hard disks, DVD, CD, Blu-ray and portable hard disks. Now Imation has extended this portfolio with a complete range of RDX storage solution. This intelligent backup system includes multiple capacity disk cartridges that are designed for specific storage needs. Data amount of 1 terabyte can be squeezed on Imation’s latest RDX disk cartridge. Additionally, Imation has designed 750GB, 640GB, 500GB and 160GB disks. 27957 is the manufacturer part number of 1TB disk, and its predecessors are 27958, 27127, 27083 and 26607.

Most compelling feature is the universal compatibility of these RDX disk media cartridges with all other available RDX dock stations. So the customers can utilize their disk cartridges in other RDX platforms as well, and maximize the storage value. IT managers can choose from Imation’s energy-efficient RDX docking station models that maintain superior performance level under harsh conditions. SATA and USB models make Imation RDX the best intelligent system for demanding companies (small to mid-sized). Large data files can be quickly and reliably streamed by these RDX docking stations at a maximum speed of 45Mbps. So you can confidently complete data backups with midrange servers & high end workstations.

Data management is extremely easy as the IT staff can conveniently backup the mission-critical systems by dragging and dropping the data files. Another simple option is copy/paste. This backup system also offers you the most robust security. The sensitive data files can be protected with encryption (256-bit) functionality. So, the need for long term security and regulatory compliance can be cost-effectively satisfied.

RDX cartridges feature exceptional durability. Therefore, customers can use these Imation RDX cartridges for preserving datasets at remote sites. The valuable data assets can be efficiently backed up on this durable storage medium, and reliably retrieved to fuel your daily routine operations in event of onsite disaster. Imation RDX dock stations are intelligently engineered to extend your investment. They can operate seamlessly with future RDX disk generations. Therefore, storage performance can be enhanced by simple addition of new RDX media disks. Moreover, the mean time between failure of 500,000 hrs makes RDX disk the best optimal solution.

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