Impact crusher principle

Impact crusher, referred to as “impact broken, is zhengzhou heng ran on the basis of the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced crushing technology, combined with sand and gravel industry specific industrial and mining conditions in the research and development to create a new type of fine sandstone and broken equipment, can be crushing processing in 100 ~ 100 mm in length and does not exceed 350 mpa compressive strength of all kinds of ores and rocks or other materials, such as limestone, pebbles and quartz sand and pebble, basalt, granite, bluestone, etc., its typical products granite discharging granularity is not more than 40 mm (90%), discharging granularity is not more than 25 mm limestone accounts for 85%. In the mechanism of sand production line, it is usually used in the name of the second or the third broken program, can to the hubei broken broken after all kinds of materials for further finely, make it accord with standard of countries built building sand, is one of the necessary equipment of sand production mechanism sand industry, favored by the customers. low intensity magnetic separator

Also compared with those of other crusher impact crusher working principle of the design is more clever. It is a use of impact energy to fragile material of broken stone machine equipment, in the crushing cavity, are fixed on the high speed rotating rotor plate hammer, crushing cavity layout still some around back board. When the rotor high-speed rotation, the material will be in the process of impact a huge kinetic energy, which make the material into function zone plate hammer, first with the plate hammer impact crushing, then thrown to the back plate broken again, finally back from the back plate material back plate hammer function area to broken… So circulates, until the material being broken to the required size. Also because of this, zhengzhou heng ran counter type crushing function crushing fineness high material, can fully meet the needs of the sand production of the fineness of stone. how to start a quarry plant

Impact crusher on the rotor plate hammer fastening method

The bolt fastening method. Hammer plate with bolts in rotor plate hammer seat. Plate hammer with a tenon shape, can take advantage of the tenon mouth work under the impact of the plate hammer, avoid shear bolts, improve the reliability of bolt connection. Embedded fastening method. From the side inserted into a groove in the rotor plate hammer, in order to prevent axial moving, both ends with press positioning, due to remove the fastening bolts, improves the reliability of the board hammer. Use when the plate hammer rotating centrifugal force and impact breaks the counterforce of fastening the self-locking, susceptible to wear and tear to the rotor are made into the structure of replaceable, so loading and unloading is simple, make easy.

Wedge clamp method. Wedge into board hammer between the rotor and the corresponding slot, fastening. According to the wedge blocks position and the direction of the force, such fastening method can be summarized as three forms. Wedge work more reliable fastening method, loading and unloading is more convenient, due to eliminate the board hammer between the rotor and the relative shift, rotor wear loss. But using bolt tensioning wedge, thread easy deformation and damage, and even rupture. Deformation of thread, give board hammer disassembling also caused great difficulties. In order to overcome the above disadvantages, adopt hydraulic vavle fastening method. It USES the plunger inside the cylinder, removing the bearing and the wedge, then lift the plate hammer, replace or reversing plate hammer. The fastening method is safe and reliable, convenient replacement and maintenance more convenient also. major equipment in stone production line

Above several fastening methods, by the method of bolt fastening plate hammer utilization rate is higher, generally can reach 50%, but it to change, also not suitable for high impact load, so the small crusher is generally used in specifications. Embedded fastening and wedge fastening method, although easy to change, work is more reliable, but the utilization rate of metal are generally lower. Zhengzhou heng meng mechanical impact crusher improved embedded fastening method, adopting slotted plate hammer, hammer plate surface with longitudinal grooves, thus greatly reduced metal consumption, and face changing, four times the service life of the increased accordingly.

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