Impact Sand blocking material causes and solutions

Impact Sand blocking material will inevitably be problems at work, the main reason is because the blocking material in the process of impact crusher work, if there is a high water content of the ore material into the crushing chamber, it will materials containing moisture broken into small pieces, then because the material contains water, so it has a certain viscosity, when it will become a piece of material sticking to each other, and plugging in the crushing cavity between the jaws , resulting in the phenomenon of card material; may also be broken material mixed in a larger viscous dilute the soil, so that the material is glued to a block in the crushing cavity, the occurrence of the phenomenon of blocking material. gold ore processing plant

We can before the material enters the Impact Sand, the first screening of materials for the preparation and dewatering to reduce the viscosity of water and materials can also be appropriately adjusted impact crusher discharge port, increasing the discharge port The size of the material to be discharged smoothly, while Impact Sand before using, should be clear that the parameters of the impact crusher used, especially for the requirements of the material nature, according to the relevant requirements of the materials Sand , into suitable material, if it does not impact Sand production process requirements, such as the water temperature is too high or too large, you can start the appropriate treatment to work, so that the material as much as possible to meet or pick Sand requirements After breaking into the crushing chamber, impact crusher operation is preferably made by professional training of technical personnel to effectively reduce the blocking material phenomenon. aggregate crusher plant

My company’s Impact Sand widely used in metal and non-metal ores, cement, refractories, abrasives, glass raw materials, construction aggregate, artificial sand and a variety of metallurgical slag crushing and coarse grinding operations, particularly in the hard , extra hard and abrasive materials such as silicon carbide, carborundum, sintered bauxite, magnesite, etc., has more advantages than other types of crushers. And supporting the use of hydraulic protection jaw broken, can handle a variety of metallurgical slag for construction sand, gravel roads with excellent as appropriate.

Sand optimized custom weathered sand supply

Because of weathered sand reclaimer convenient, low cost, turning waste into treasure, reasonable process, technically feasible features has been growing attention, as imperfect weathering placer investors have also been pro-gaze, our machine-made weathered sand placer specifically targeted at optimizing design, professional customized to meet the needs of market development. copper mining process plant

Sand on the existing capacity to deal with weathered sand is still significantly less, and more mixed crushing and conveying equipment, if the weathering effect is obvious, we can use technology in broken tailings directly after crushing technology, Sec. And this mix of high accuracy and processing time rather long and relatively low efficiency significantly, and the use of traditional crushing theory, the grain size of the control is not very good, so capacity and power did not reach a high optimization , still need improvement. fault analysis gangue crusher

Our independent research and development of new Sand can be completed simultaneously weathered sand ore crushing, washing, grading and other processes, one sand and gravel aggregate production of qualified products, utilization of its weathered sand is higher than similar products by the market attention, the industry has also been imitated. It also embodies the machine sand making equipment and the quality of our innovative technology in the industry to the mainstream.

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