Improve the efficiency of mill

The main factors that affect the efficiency of the mill has a moisture content of raw materials , raw material properties , additives , current and speed. In the mill operation, these factors are more or less affect its efficiency , here we improve on these aspects Talking methods below: Water content of the ore . We have found through long-term observation of the mill processed ore add the appropriate moisture , can improve their work efficiency. Thus , the operator in the process of using a ball mill to avoid too dry ore raw materials, in order to avoid reducing their ability to work . Material properties. Mill on the nature of the material does not necessarily mandatory standard , the standard as the case may be. Hard to say anything that is generally the first ordeal grinding, wear-resistant materials , easy to wear and then grinding the raw material , so you can save time and improve efficiency.

feed spout of ball mill

Mill additives. Practice has proved that the rational use of additives help to improve mill efficiency. Of course, not too much , in addition, the additive can also play the role of lubrication . Mill current. Directly determines the current size of the mill offer much of its energy efficiency can be improved by increasing the current . Of course , the current to be within a certain range , otherwise, the current is too large , the motor burned more harm than good . Ball speed. By practice of observation , we found that the ball is close to the drum , the more grinding media , see working speed has a positive effect on its efficiency, the best that we can improve the speed of installation of the control means , in order to improve the efficiency of the ball mill . columbite mining equipment for sale

Raymond maintenance

In order to keep Raymond work should be developed in accordance with the actual situation of daily, weekly, overhaul and maintenance requirements , so Raymond can guarantee the normal operation of a long-term , to help prolong its life. Raymond machine before and after each start , timely inspections to ensure the normal operation of the machine , adequate lubrication , complete accessories intact. Raymond host should work under negative pressure. If feeding port , a large discharge opening , etc. Dust escape phenomenon, should check the seal is intact, whether the pipeline leakage , dust collector pipe gate is closed tight end , whether overflow system blockage . sand washing machine

Raymond roller is time limited, to be replaced over time . Roll each rolling bearing kit to regularly clean the timely replacement of damaged parts , lubrication should be in place . Raymond milling operations during the process , there must be responsible for the care of trained professionals . Raymond must be trained on the use and knowledge of the machine operator , machine performance and principles familiar to a certain extent in order to work.

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