Improve the structure of wearing parts

Jaw crusher wear parts mainly includes movable jaw plate , fixed jaw plate , thrust plate and slider, etc. , to improve the structure of these wearing parts to improve their life , help to improve the production capacity of the crusher . The following instructions from two angles relationship between structure and improve the production capacity of crusher wear parts . Sand Manufacturing Plant

Improved mechanical structure

The effectiveness of the materials from the broken , when the movable jaw horizontal trajectory big stroke , positive pressure , good crushing effect , jaw plate wear small ; when moving jaw trajectory of vertical travel large, positive pressure is small , poor broken low productivity , jaw badly worn . Reducing the vertical stroke , increasing the level of the trip is to the ordinary jaw crusher spindle high suspension and positive support to the spindle lower suspension ( suspension points below the feed opening plane ) and negative support . This low suspension and negative changes in the crushing capacity supporting the crushing chamber , the upper chamber crushing capacity increased crushing , crushing ratio increases , the crushing ratio can be increased by 50% , production increased by 15% , life expectancy has increased jaw 3-4 times .

Changing the shape and structure of the parts

Changes in jaw shape and structure. Jaw turned out to be non- smooth convex and concave groove panels , improved jaw can be divided into two parts, the base plate and the liner while processing a certain shape of the liner in the tooth , the jaw near the discharge port processed into a certain curve curved panels, so that the top smooth. Two jaw plates in the vicinity of the discharge opening at the surface of the crushed material with crushing force perpendicular to reduce the discharge of materials slipping mouth . Is divided into two upper and lower jaw , can be interchanged , so that the wear can be interchanged , to extend its time. Small Scale Gold Mining Equipment

The method can also be added with the gasket between the jaw and jaw bottom liner to increase and decrease the size of the nesting population adjustment liner wear caused by moving jaw plate and fixed jaw plate distance , so that the liner to maximize E effectiveness . Change the thrust plate and slider shape and structure. Thrust plate and the slider is a mutually inclusive system. Their structure is a hemispherical structure that because of the small gap , good lubrication . Coupled with the pressure thrust plate is quite large, oil can not be uniformly dispersed throughout the friction surface . The elbow to the head shape of the curve ball head , ruled out the shortcomings of the spherical combination will combine to fluctuations combined with the sliding lubrication conditions improve , prolong its useful life , thereby increasing the production capacity of the crusher. Ball mills for sale south Africa

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