In addition to reduce androgen drugs, she also opened to me a course of diabetes medication as an adjunct

hungry for a long time at school, home a storm .. I estimate about 45KG, do not want to bounce back the original look, after all, is to experience some time ago agony in exchange for Afraid of that period of suffering in vain out. But began to fear the warning issued by the body. Mother said over time mc not to going to the hospital, may have to eat Chinese medicine regulation Weight loss is really a thing to disrupt the life. the original normal eating habits are less gone. was pessimistic, now more pessimistic negative ..  Within three months, I successfully reduce twenty-one kg with the help of meizitang.

In addition to reduce androgen drugs, she also opened to me a course of diabetes medication as an adjunct. Accordingly, I consider, as a high-GI food, the banana is not conducive to the stability of the glucose and insulin levels may affect male and female hormone balance. 5, bananas and nutrition. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, nutritional imbalances, then. I do not talk nonsense. I think the banana is a good thing, snacks or something very good, especially for the examination of the students is a good choice. So do I feel very happy for the magic effect of meizitang.
Taking effective Meizitang New Version can achieve weight control.  I will stick to move on, no matter how much time, and strive to reach the ideal weight of 49 kg (I 160 a little bit more). Supervision, and continue to support me.  Share a long time ~ Yu Jiaha 1: Straight posture for parts: the inner thighs, buttocks, legs, arms, waist. Practice rules: Sit down, two legs stretched forward, bend your feet, hand to shore up the body, palms forward, pull the body into a straight line. (2) efforts to uplift the buttocks, while extending your arms, as far as possible his feet to the ground pressure.

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