India’s mineral trade

India’s Ministry of Mines and actively promote international cooperation in the mining sector. In the mining technology, environmental management, marine scientific research, oil and gas, coal, gold, copper and other important mineral exploration and development to enhance international cooperation. India has actually quietly in the implementation of the global energy strategy, has shown signs of a T-shaped Strategy: Russian oil exploration ROCK CRUSHING MACHINE FOR SALE rights for the north and west of Iran to India’s energy to establish a secure channel to the east will hold the majority of Burmese natural gas export market India’s energy strategy extends to Africa, Latin America, the initial formation of global energy strategy.

India and China with two emerging Asian powers, in the process of rapid economic development, are subject to the constraints of resources and the environment, especially the oil shortage problem exists, which makes India and China in the world, there is competition on oil projects . If the two countries in the world oil PORTABLE CONCRETE RECYCLING MACHINE and gas projects to form a strategic alliance for peace, stability and economic development in Asia are of great significance. As the world’s two fastest-growing countries, the growing demand for energy is a common problem facing the two countries, China and India will inevitably occur simultaneously with the role of competitors. However, both sides realize that excessive competition leads to soaring prices of oil and gas resources on the interests of both sides are causing damage. Currently, China is second only to the U.S. oil consuming countries, while India’s oil demand up to 120 million tons, ranking first in the world 6. China and India in the energy sector face many common challenges, with a basis for cooperation.

In the energy transport, India proposed to India, Pakistan, Iran gas pipeline extending to China. Indian government believes that China will be beneficial to join the stability of MOBILE SAND CRUSHING PLANT PRICE pipeline operations. The Quartet’s cooperation will promote regional stability and security. In Kazakhstan, the Indian Oil Corporation expressed its willingness to participate in the construction of China-Kazakhstan oil pipeline.

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