Indosinian granite type uranium

Southern China is a major producer of Chinese granite and volcanic rock type uranium ore prospecting in the past has always revolved around the Cretaceous granite and volcanic basin, nearly 10 years further prospecting facing serious challenges. The study shows that uranium deposits and Cretaceous granitic plutons are not recognized by their predecessors Yanshan related, but Indosinian (U-Pb zircon age of 226-230Ma). South China sporadic outcrops of Triassic granites are peraluminous rocks in the background dynamics of deformation superposed thickened continental crust formation, diagenesis substance derived from basement rocks, with little mantle participation. So Indosinian granites generally do not directly mineralization, but they are mine uranium source rock. During the Cretaceous volcanic eruptions and large magma emplacement, heated driver in the late rock around inside volcanic basin, dikes or broken system precipitation mineralization. The findings expand and open up new prospecting ideas and direction by the South multiple geological prospecting team attaches great importance and as a theoretical basis for prospecting layout. silver ore crushing machine sales

Southwest hydrothermal platinum and palladium mine

PGE deposits usually associated with the genesis of mafic Рultramafic closely related magmatism, prospecting confined within m̩lange. By learning and study in South Africa, Canada and other countries are looking for new progress PGE deposits, combined with China Southwest provinces (Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan) specific geological conditions, a profound study of the PGE enrichment mechanism proposed hydrothermal platinum group element mineralization new model, pointing out looking for PGE deposits should not be confined to traditional mafic Рultramafic intrusive complex internal, gold ore crushing equipment for sale it may find veins platinum and palladium mine in the complex rock rock outside, so looking to open up a new field of platinum and palladium, to achieve a breakthrough in prospecting.

In the continental environment, the ability to form and how to form large – giant porphyry copper is an important field of theoretical issues mineralization. Through systematic research scientists and eastern China porphyry copper Plateau, one, discovered and confirmed (late collision conversion environment, post-collision extensional environment, the environment and non-orogenic extensional orogenic collapse environment) can be produced in four continental giant porphyry environment copper, thus greatly expanding the search for porphyry copper strategic constituencies; Second, confirm the formation of these porphyry copper oceanic subduction process has nothing to do with belonging to a new type of continental environment porphyry copper. low intensity magnetic separator

Third, find the continent copper porphyry environment mostly potassic Adakite, from the thick mafic lower crust newborn, rather than magmatic arc mantle wedge environment. Water-rich magma copper levels experienced fractional crystallization of the magma chamber, and excrete large amounts of ore-forming fluids; Fourth, the proposed injection and add downward mantle and lower crust crustal source magma containing hornblende porphyry Cu decomposition rich H2O, high S, high oxygen and the occurrence of the root causes of massive mineralization. On this basis, proposed a “continental-type porphyry copper” mineralization new model, breaking the famous theory of porphyry copper magmatic arc environment, highly praised by the international counterparts. Demonstrated knowledge based on this new theory, the system of Gangdese copper mineralization has become the second “Yulong” vision potential porphyry copper belt, evaluation methods to solve the problem, pointing out prospecting breakthrough in the direction of promoting the porphyry copper prospecting.

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