Installation Requirements broken belt conveyor protection device

Off the conveyor belt failure is a failure in the common course of their work , particularly harm , such as causing damage to the equipment , or even accidents. Such incidents to resume production a long time, how to seize the broken belt to prevent mine accidents are all urgent problems . Off with a protection device is a protection function can be achieved with a broken device , reasonable design , simple structure, reliable action. To exert its protective effect , adjustment shall correct installation requirements for installation.

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Crusher belt conveyor protection device to be followed when installing the following installation requirements :

One , according to the stress analysis , the largest part of the uphill conveyor power point by the nose gear on the drum should be back in the upper tape, so the probability of fracture of the upper tape appears greatest protection should be designed for the upper band production, installation location should be selected in the steep places shall be installed in accordance with the number of tapes captain , roadway slope, depending on load capacity . Roadway slope to 12 °, the length of 600m, traffic 250t / h of belt conveyor for example , at least two sets should be installed . Second, the security device according to the main frame portion of the force receiving member , the decline of the belt at the impact of the fracture , distortion can not occur , thus requiring the plate thickness of not less than 18mm.

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Third, the oblique angle and pitch slide and friction plate is the key to making a difference angle is too self-locking roller brake , braking process easy rebound phenomenon , braking live tape ; angle is too small , brake roll slow start , braking effect is poor ; generally set about 5 ° is appropriate, the spacing should ensure that the brake friction plate roll into a convenience to begin braking. Four friction plates can not be too narrow , generally should be 0.5m or more, to ensure adequate braking distance. The diameter of the brake roller to be required braking force according to size , and generally not less than 80mm, to be outside the auxiliary adhesive to ensure sufficient mechanical strength and friction.

Fifth, the installation should ensure that the friction plate and the tape parallel , spaced maintained at about 3cm , too is easy to operate with friction tape , then air travel is too long, brake slowly ; basis of the depth of the device is not less than 80cn , bolt length can not be less than 60cm, to ensure that the device can withstand greater impact.

Some of mineral beneficiation methods engineering

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In beneficiation project, flotation , re-election , magnetic separation, electrostatic separation , and so is the election of several commonly used processing methods , in addition, there are some other processing methods, such as hand-selected granularity beneficiation , mineral machinery selection etc. , the following eleven introduced.

A hand-selected . Hand-selected one of the most simple beneficiation methods. It is based on the characteristic appearance (color , gloss , shape, specific gravity ) of ore and waste the difference between , the method of separating them manually . This method can be used to choose the recovery of pyrite from coal in the hands of tungsten ore from the hole discarded waste rock . For some non-metallic minerals, can be hand selected to obtain pure quality products . Second, the friction dressing . Is the use of useful minerals in ore and gangue minerals along the slope movement , differences in the coefficient of friction and sorting methods. Coefficient of friction particles , the velocity is small, the friction coefficient of the particle velocity large . By tilting the face ( friction concentrator ) so that the two minerals separation. This method is mainly used in sorting asbestos and mica minerals .

Third, the granularity of beneficiation . Due to the different intensity of useful minerals and gangue minerals after the mining and crushing of raw materials in the mineral composition of various size vary greatly , the material is divided into several size fractions , you can get various useful minerals and gangue mineral content products. Fourth, the shape of the dressing . Some of its useful minerals and ore gangue minerals in the structure is different, so there are different nugget shape. Screening equipment ( such as anti- slip screen ) will be in their sorting . Mica mine often screened by shape .

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