Instructions for Male Condom Use

1.Open the package meticulously making positive that the condom does not tear in the process. Be confident not to use your teeth or any other sharp objects to help in opening the condom’s packaging. A single crucial tip that is commonly forgotten is: Do not unroll the condom before putting it on. The condom is rolled in such a way so to facilitate simple and easy application.

2.When applying, pull back the foreskin. Place the condom on the tip of the erect penis. If you start off by placing the condom backwards, do not, by all suggests turn it about and use it that way. Throw it away and commence a new a single. The smallest bit of fluid on the soiled side of the condom could still outcome in a pregnancy and thus defeats the contraceptives purpose.

3.Pinch the tip of the condom so to squeeze out additional air and roll it out until it reaches the base of the penis. At this point, check the condom to make certain that there is space at the tip and that there are no breaks in the condom’s surface. If so, insert the penis for intercourse.

4.Right after ejaculation, Hold on to the condom at the base of the penis when pulling out maintaining the condom on. This will make sure that there is no spillage of the semen. Eliminate the condom just before the penis gets soft. When removing it, slide the condom off without spilling the semen inside. Dispose of the use condom properly afterwards.

Other than the suitable use of a male condom, there are also a couple of tips that would assistance maintain the contraceptive item reliable.

oDo not use Oil based items like: Grease, Lotions, or petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to assist lubricate the condom further. These oil based substances can make the condom break and for this reason unusable.

oNever reuse a condom, make confident to use a new 1 every time you have sex.

oStore your condoms in a cool dry location. Exposing them to direct heat might result in a reduce of the condoms integrity and bring about it to effortlessly break.

oLook at the manufacturing date in the condom’s packaging. Don’t use a condom that is old or alot more than two years old. Older ones may currently be brittle and will result in quick breakage. Also, do not use condoms that have damage packaging. This might possibly result in the condom inside being damaged also.

oDo not use a condom if it seems brittle or dried out. This signifies that the integrity of the condom has been compromised and can outcome in breakage when put to use.

oDon’t use a condom if there is any type of discoloration and if it feels unusually sticky. This frequently indicates that the condom is defective in some way.

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