Introduction to raw materials

The motor brings along the central shaft to drive through the belt pulley. The lower part of the shaft connects with the hanger, on the frame is loaded with the roller equipment. The roller equipment does revolve around the central rotation, at the same time it revolves around the grinding rings, and it self also rotates on account of the rubbing effect.ball mills for sale in south africa And the material will vertically fall down from the Silo. After distributing, the material falls into the space of the rollers and rings to grind on account of the centrifugal force yielding from the extruding, thus get the powder.
Before introducing the raw mill, we first understand the meaning of the material swells, raw material: the need to further processing of raw materials used to make the product, ie semi-finished products, the need to re-processing applications in various industries. For example, the refractories industry, raw, roasted refractory clay and other natural materials are raw materials; cement industry,Gold Milling Equipment Supplier the calcareous materials , clay and other raw materials referred corrected raw material, these raw materials needed by a certain percentage performed with, and then further grinding; batch and enamel industry glass industry, will not bring in the broken glass enamel composition according to various raw materials by powder mixing ratio of the raw material are called.

Introduction to raw materials, we literally can understand what is the meaning of the raw mill. Raw mill is introduced above the various raw material for further processing abrasive.

According to the above described raw materials and raw mill concept of knowledge, we can easily know that the raw mill is the ratio of raw material requirements formulated mixture. Generally work process raw mill: the mixture is fed by a feeding device mill feed device, and then enter the drying chambers. Into the drying ovens role is drying materials used here from the kiln (or stove) drew hot air,beneficiation of magnetite iron ore hot air into the drying ovens, mix the material with a cross from the inside curtain drying ovens, adequate heat exchange to take away moisture mixture; mixture after drying to move forward after the end of the discharge cone positions, guide plate into the coarse position, coarse grinding compartment has been raised from the ladder to a larger liner height, with great potential for big balls, mix the impact of the ball by the outline was broken, and continues to be dry hot air, again and again, to reach people on the material requirements.

Raw mill as cement and other industries in the last step, its application has penetrated into people’s lives, about the advantages and performance characteristics of the raw mill is as follows:A high production efficiency. The principle is advanced grinding material layer ,200 tph Crusher Plant Hire to Rent so that the power consumption is lower than the mill system(compared to the case can be 20to30% saving),energy content of the feed water system in accordance with the decision of the materials generally increase with moisture, more energy efficient;

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