Introduction To The Most Reliable Data Backup Technologies For The Customers of Medium And Small Organizations

More businesses today are operating multi-functional IT centers that are flooded by voluminous operational data, and customer requests. Businesses often fail to fuel their enterprise applications and mobile workforce with operational data. This can be the fault of IT staff, software or hardware.

IT professionals believe that firewall and other robust data security measures aren’t enough for smooth business continuity. Data security strategy is incomplete, unless the data files are copied from hard drives to durable backup devices. Every business segment has its own requirements and demands. Large companies can afford costly and bulky hardware, whereas the SMBs (small and medium businesses) mostly have slim budgets and lack IT expertise to handle complex systems.

So I am here to introduce few of the best backup solutions that SMB segment can trust for their long term storage needs. DDS (Digital Data Storage) is the most efficient small & midrange format ever introduced in tape industry. HP Hewlett-Packard and Sony co-invented this format. It is well renowned for the broad range of generations designed for a variety of budgets.

DDS1 tapes were designed in two different capacities, 1.3GB and 2 GB (un-compressed). DDS2, DDS-3 and DDS4 media generations offer significant enhancement in storage capacity. Their respective capacity is 4GB, 12 GB and 20 GB (native). For the busy data centers, latest DAT-320 generation is an ideal solution that has reached the capacity mark of 160/320 GB. The DDS customers are enjoying superior performance and perfect balance of fast processing, space-efficiency and scalability. DDS format has the most compelling speed & capacity offerings that result in higher ROI (return in investment). In addition to the co-inventors Sony and HP, a number of other leading brands like Fuji, IBM, Dell and Quantum have also designed robust DDS tapes.

Now we move onto the Linear Tape Open (LTO) technology that amazed the IT professionals with its multi-vendor compatibility and the increased storage performance of 100% in each new LTO generation. LTO-1 up to the LTO4 generation is perfect for this marketplace. These generations offer impressive 100 GB to 800 GB capacity that doubles in compression mode. So the customers will surely find a perfect LTO system that won’t increase their infrastructure complexity and help establish a solid platform for all backup applications. Thanks to the cost-saving backward compatibility, LTO tape systems can be interconnected that will seamlessly extend the reach of your drives and tapes as well. Two robust data security features are incorporated in LTO 4 drives, which are Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) & Write Once Read Many (WORM). Native/compressed speed of these drives is 120/240 Mbps.

SDLT (Super Digital Linear Tape), like the above mentioned technologies, is also a market-dominant solution. The drives feature Laser Guided Magnetic Recording (LGMR) that has enabled them to deliver highest recording density. This is the reason SDLT2 (300GB/600GB) and SDLT-1 (160GB/320GB) tapes are the product choice of space-constrained companies. Rack mount kit can be used for SDLT drives, whereas the choice of table-top and internal models simplifies the storage infrastructure.

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