Japanese 2 Day Diet helps in toning and strengthening the bones

2 day diet can save a lot of time in doing sports for modern people.  Tea really full belly, especially when the dish, desperately filling, you will find other dishes up what could not eat! Of course, every dish I will still try the drop or feel sorry for myself! — The following is a recipe (permutations Kazakhstan) For No1: Breakfast: carbohydrates: cereals / corn flakes and a bowl / whole wheat bread 2 /  Protein: soy milk / soy milk / yogurt / skim milk 1 cup (I usually do not drink milk, too expensive but also high-fat) Lunch: a prime and a meat / fried rice, fried noodles, and only half a bowl of.
Do not want to go to the canteen, to the Backstreet buy can be eaten raw vegetables: tomato, cucumber Plus a raw vegetable paste http://www.boohee.com/posts/last/75539  Try not to eat barbecue! Afternoon Tea: Lemonade / Diet Coke / sugar-free wheat tea / honey water / fresh fruit juice Dinner: prime meat and dessert / soup. 2 day diet helps in toning and strengthening the various muscles.  Then pinch . I paste two camera up . pro said to me this body count fat pinch? Uh, appropriate fuzzy picture a bit. Live on campus but also thin! – Can be eaten raw vegetables + cooking methods Hair this paste first or services because the school canteen food is too greasy, but do not eat the vegetables will not balanced nutrition in my own ~ First brought to the vegetables can be eaten raw Do not say I did not warn yo . raw vegetables must be washed clean! ! ! Is not responsible for pesticide poisoning Do not think your own salad greens are very complex, all you need is: A lunch box, a pair of chopsticks, a cup of chili sauce.
a small bottle of vinegar (put up their own small bottle filling), a box of salt can in fact be as long as the salt Moreover, some do not need salad . such as tomato, cucumber Six kinds of raw vegetables can speed thin 1 cucumber.  Japanese 2 Day Diet helps in toning and strengthening the bones of human body.  Cucumber contains vitamin C, vitamin B family, and many trace minerals, it contains rich nutrients, raw crisp and refreshing taste. From the nutritional point of view, contained in cucumber skin nutrient-rich raw should be retained. However, in order to prevent the harm of pesticide residues on the human body, cucumber in salt water and soak for 15-20 minutes then wash raw food. Do not pinch the head when the cucumber in salt water to the root, to maintain the integrity of cucumber, so that the nutrients in the process of bubble loss from the cut surface. In addition, the salad should now do is to eat, do not do a good job for a long time to place, it will also promote vitamin loss 2. Tomatoes Tomatoes in vitamin A, vitamin A is good for eye protection and skin after-sun repair.  fruta planta helps you in making agile physically as well as mentally after losing weight.
Salad tomatoes, sprinkle the sugar better, or sweet may affect appetite. Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure patients do not Yichi known as the “Snow Man Er” sweetened tomato salad. 3 bell pepper or pepper The pepper is the most abundant food in the vitamin C content of all vegetables. Vitamin C can enhance human immunity, and help protect against various diseases. Summer it easy to hot-cold, and often go out, contact with the outside environment also increased the chance of virus infection, so it is necessary to improve their own immunity.

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