Japanese 2 Day Diet will help you in many ways throughout your entire life

Vegetables, fruits, about 1 kg per day Secondly, vegetables, fruits daily about 1 kg; meat such as chicken, fish and other animal food every day do not exceed 2 two or even lean meat fat content is not too low;
a little over a two or more of the average daily eating soy products; cattle Milk 1 bag (breakfast); an egg (for breakfast). Eat pigs, cattle, lamb, eat more fish, Shrimp and chicken (preferably local chicken). Eat a variety of vegetables, fruit and potato Third, eat more vegetables, fruits and tubers. Many varieties of vegetables, different varieties of the nutrients contained in Not the same, or even a great disparity. Dark red, yellow, green vegetables, vitamin content of more than light-colored vegetables And general fruit, carotene, vitamin b2, vitamin C and folic acid, minerals. Individuals who take effective fruta planta learn to be respectful and glad to shape their body. dietary fiber Dimensional and natural major or significant source of antioxidants. Dietary fiber foods can enhance disease resistance Vitamins and trace element content of some fruit is less than fresh vegetables, fruits containing grape Sugar, fructose, citric acid, malic acid, pectin and other substances off than vegetables, so who can not be replaced ; Tuber crops including potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, rich in starch, dietary fiber and a variety of living Vitamins and minerals. Occurrence of dry eye these foods to maintain cardiovascular health.  Taking effective Fruta Planta Weight Loss is always helpful for proper figure building. Obese people will develop a sportive nature by taking effective fruta planta to lose weight.  Enhance disease resistance, reduction of child Disease and cancer prevention is very important. Yogurt can regulate the ecological environment of the intestine , Indigestion can be in the office prepared some yogurt, yogurt can be adjusted to the ecological environment of the intestine, so that Harmful bacteria is not easy to survive a cup of yogurt a day can improve gastrointestinal function. Women may prevent breast cancer. Do not eat breakfast office to prepare some snacks. In addition, the diet is not reasonable office workers, in particular, do not eat breakfast.
Losing weight by effective Japanese 2 Day Diet will help you in many ways throughout your entire life.  The office can prepare some healthy zero Food; apples, citrus (fruit, water-soluble vitamin needed by the body, eat without problems), nuts Class (rich in polyphenolic composition, can reduce cholesterol, heart disease and the incidence of cancer, but its heat Tend to be relatively high, not be greedy), dried fish, fish bone (calcium and fat-soluble vitamins), but also Some milk, oatmeal, black tea and green tea can be prepared (including a variety of catechins, antioxidants) to facilitate the red Clothing.
Puffed food (fries, potato chips, etc.) need to remind eat oil, instant noodles, coffee, cola, etc. Was taboo. 100 grams of weight loss materials: red beans, mung beans, 100 grams, 30 grams of hawthorn, jujube 10 (Tips: specific Please people help you say, take a look at 100 grams. Taking effective fruta planta is tremendously beneficial to the development in life.  about how much to buy a few grams, the back can be easily handled, Point error does not matter).


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