Jaw Crusher Jaw level motorized travel research

Jaw Crusher Jaw horizontal crusher motor Jaw crusher is the most important motion parameters , the production capacity of the machine plays a decisive role . When the other parameters reasonably determine the appropriate level of increase moving jaw itinerary , will greatly enhance the production capacity of the machine , but if made ​​too large, too bored compaction caused by the discharge opening clogged and broken products over crushed phenomenon , resulting in the deterioration of the machine by force, production decline, power consumption substantially. Therefore, the correct choice Jaw Jaw level gravel motorized travel is extremely important . small scale stone crushing plant

  For the jaw crusher , the material is being squeezed in the crusher cavity generated by the activities of the fixed jaw jaw movement relative time , splitting and bending forces acting rather broken . Theoretically, the movable jaw swinging crusher size should reach the amount of material needed to deform the safety when broken to decide, and in fact make up deformed jaw , movable jaw level of compensation for travel agencies and the transmission gap required between the various parts value is much greater than the theoretical value. Therefore , there must be a wealth of practical information and specifications on different machines for performance experiments in order to determine a reasonable empirical formula , select the desired level of movable jaw crusher . how to choose the right bentonite mill equipment

Jaw crusher teach you to use little common sense

Jaw crusher teach you to use little common sense : Only when the jaw crusher run to work properly , the material can be put into production . The material must be broken evenly into the crushing chamber , the material must not be added from the side direction , nor filled with the material , to avoid overloading the device or unilateral overload withstand the pressure . When the jaw crusher equipment working properly , bearing temperature must not exceed 30 degrees, the maximum temperature should not exceed 70 degrees , if during working temperature jaw crusher exceeds the above temperature , must immediately stop inspection work . After identify the cause , must take immediate measures to resolve. Before Jaw crusher equipment stops working , you must stop feeding, crushing cavity material waiting to be excluded after all , we can turn off the power . This does not easily lead to the crushing cavity clogging phenomenon. When the jaw crusher work because after the crushing cavity material if caused by excessive parking , should immediately turn off the power to stop working crusher for material clean-up, clean up, before running to work again. Jaw crusher equipment in use for some time, we must carry out maintenance and repair work , check the stable situation of each member. If the end of the jaw has been worn , you can exchange the first use , so that both can be fully utilized, and can save costs. small scale building sand production line

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